Understanding Clinical Trials

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How do I find a clinical trial?

Myth: My doctor will tell me about clinical trials available to me

Myth: My doctor will tell me about clinical trials available to me Traditionally, your doctor would have been the main source of information about available clinical trials. However, with the huge numbers of clinical trials ongoing, it is likely that they may not be aware of all the trials ongoing, let alone the details associated with each of them.

Today, with the increase in the quantity and quality of online resources, it is now possible for you to take research into your own hands and try and find trials that you could be eligible for!

Some key sources you can look at are:

  • At CISCRP, there is a free online service called Search Clinical Trials. Individuals can call a toll-free number or fill out an online form to be matched with relevant clinical trials in their area.
  • Get in touch with a patient advocacy group. Many of them have tailored services that can help you with your search.
  • The National Institute of Health has an online database that you can search to find appropriate trials.

If you would rather talk to someone face to face about your options, you can bring the topic up with your doctor yourself or head over to a local clinical research center with expertise in your medical condition.

If you do find information about a clinical trial you are interested in, your healthcare professional is always worth consulting to get a better understanding if it would be suitable for you.

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