Living With High Blood Pressure

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Being there for you in the long term

How to measure your blood pressure at home

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3 ways to boost your willpower

Making healthy changes takes willpower. But you can’t rely on willpower forever – it will fade over time. You need to make healthy choices into habits, so you don’t even know you’re making them.

  1. Develop a routine. It makes it easier to build healthy habits into your day and planning ahead means you won’t find yourself ordering unhealthy takeaways.

  2. Build up slowly. Trying to change everything in your life in one week is too much. Focus on small changes and keep building on your successes.

  3. Get support. Tell your friends and family about the changes you want to make and why. Share your healthy changes with them, like going for a walk or cooking a nutritious meal.

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The BHF recipe finder

A balanced diet is key to keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level. No matter what you’re looking for the BHF recipe finder can help you filter through our huge recipe collection so you can find hearty, healthy meals you’ll love.

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Heart Matters magazine is the British Heart Foundation’s award-winning FREE magazine for anyone with a heart or circulatory condition or at risk of getting one. It includes the latest research, healthy recipes and nutrition tips, and shares the journeys of other patients. Blood pressure is a real risk factor for heart and circulatory disease, so our resources feature lots of ways to manage your condition and live a longer, healthier life.

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