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World Kidney Day - Broadcast courtesy of SUNY Dowstate Medical Center

Wanted to share the following information and link that was a live broadcast courtesy of SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. This program was set up to celebrate World Kidney Day on Thursday, March 8th. As a 2x kidney transplant patient, I was delighted to read that my former TP doctor, Mariana Markell was to be interviewed for this program. Dr. Markell is nephrologist specializing in Women's Health. I do hope that this community of both donors and receipents will view this informative broadcast. Also interviewed was Dr. Daniel Cukor, Psychonephrologist, who helped shed light on elements of anxiety and depression that kidney patients experience. But I think that is true of all organ reciepents, failing organs creates tremendous stress for the patients and their families.

Would certainly welcome responses about this broadcast and I can not speak more highly of all the community outreach that Downstate Medical Center provides for their chronic kidney disease patients. BetterKidney4Me