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Power2Save Transplant Community

My Gift, My Hero

Our Transplant Living Community group got together in 2013 and created a video titled "My Gift, My Hero" to try to explain how we, as transplant recipients, honor and respect our dear donors. It was shown at a Donor Memorial gathering while we, as recipients sat in the audience of over 60 donor families. At the end if the video, we stood up and as the audience members recognized us as the video participants, they also stood up as we all started to hug, cry, and celebrate life itself. It was probably one of the most positive and emotionally rewarding moments of my transplant life now going strong for 10 years now. To see and feel both recipients and donor families connect in such a real way was powerful for all. People still talk about that event to this day.

2 Replies

Thanks so much for sharing, LivLife07! Sounds like a very moving experience


I think it is a wonderful opportunity for recipients to be able to thank their donors and be assured that wonderful gift they received is being well cared for and appreciated. That had to be a room full of love! What an awesome day!