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clark's nutcracker

this one makes me happy

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What a lovely bird. I looked it up Wallowa and noticed when it's in flight, its wings are very similar to our magpies wings. This is such a good likeness, well done. xx

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Thank you. We also call them camp robbers... they can be very assertive

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I can imagine as they are from the Corvid family, the same as magpies and crows and they can be a bit pushy. Camp robbers is a very good name. xx

I love it too. Just something special about this one.

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Thanks so much!

You've caught that essence of the bird again Wallowa. Lovely! 😊👍🙏

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Thank you!

Beautiful 😁

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Thanks :)

A great drawing of a beautiful bird. It has a sweetness about it I think. Thank you Wallowa. 🙂👍🪶

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Thanks, I was happy with this one!

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Interesting the way they store the pine seeds in a little pouch in their throat. 🙂

Thank you!

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