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BRAINWORKS with Activity2004 1-22-2021 FILL IN THE BLANK

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Hi everyone. This is the BRAINWORKS for January 22nd. You can use the clues to help you figure out the daily theme and fill in the missing letters for each word. You can take your time and ask questions anytime. There's no need to rush. This is for fun! :-)

Fill in the Blank

1. S __ V __ N __ E __ N ( An age)

2. T __ M __ ( What you do with a clock or watch)

3. P __ O __ L __ ( Humans)

4. N __ W / Y __ R __ E __ ( Opposite of old and part of a place ( The Big Apple; for example)( 2 words))

5. C __ __ / F __ N C __ ( Pet lovers like this and dress up for parties ( 2 words))

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Seventeen I like the idea of going backwards but not that far. Maybe 35



New Yorker



Seventeen is right for the first one. Did you need clues for the others? :-)

What pets can stay in the house 24/7 if they aren't outdoors? Everything else including the theme is correct so far. :-) Keep it up! :-)




new yorker

cat fancy

theme: newspapers

Do you know the theme for the day? Everything so far is correct! Way to go! Keep it up! :-)

i edited it, theme is newspapers

Not newspapers. What else can you read that has glossy pictures?


Not books. What else can you read?

um comics? if not tv shows for when theres captions. if not idk

Magazines. :-)

i- wow i feel stupid

Don't say that. No one is stupid or should feel that way. This is for fun. :-)

Seventeen, time, people, new Yorker, cat 🐱 fancy, theme= must try harder 😀

Everything so far is correct. What do you read that's glossy and has pictures? Keep it up! :-)


Close. What other things do we read that are glossy and have pictures? Starts with M. :-)


You got it!😀👍🌈

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1. Seventeen

2. Time

3. People

4. New Yorker

5. Cat Fancy

Not sure about 4 and 5 🌈🙏

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Activity2004 in reply to Hidden

You got everything correct so far! Do you know the theme? :-)

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It looks like it could be leading to a title of a song to me🤔🌈🌈👍

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No, not a song. What do you read that starts with M and has glossy pictures in it? :-)

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Ah now you're thinking of me LOL, magazines 🌈👍😊

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Activity2004 in reply to Hidden

Awe! I read some magazines myself, too, but not as much as I do with books. :-)

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Hidden in reply to Activity2004

I love magazines but only true life, definitely not fiction😊🌈

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Activity2004 in reply to Hidden

Good to know!😀👍🌈

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Theme- random facts



New Yorkers


Cat fancy

Not random facts. What do you read that’s not a book? Everything else is correct so far.😀👍🌈


You got it!😀👍🌈

Not to smart today!! Only got 1st 2

Number 3: What are humans? Number 4: What a person is called for where they are from/living? Number 5: A pet that stays indoors 24/7 and a person may dress up for a special occasion.

Ok people, new yorkers, cat fancy thought but didn't know why it went with cat

Do you know the theme of the day? You got everything else correct so far.😀👍🌈

Nope I am at a loss tonight


Seventeen New Yorkers who fancy cats don’t like to spend time with other people very much.

How’s it going this evening for you? Everything okay?

If a cat is indoors most of the time, they bond with their owners/human family members.😀👍🌈

Good. I’m ready for Friday. How about you? You see what I did there? Haha

I did see! It got me smiling. It’s good to hear that you’re okay tonight.😀👍🌈

I plan to do some reading tonight before going to bed. Almost done with the second story of the Home Sweet Home book.😀👍🌈🐇📚📖

Nice 👍 I’m gonna do some light reading too.

That’s great! What do you want to read?😀👍🌈📖🐇📚

Bill Bryson travels in small town America. Very light and enjoyable read 🙂

This sounds really good! Enjoy the story.😀👍🌈

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

No probs. I enjoy every page haha and I’ve read it multiple times already

That’s fantastic to hear! Glad it’s a favorite book.😀👍🌈

Seventeen, Time, People, New Yorker, Cat Fancy. Theme, Magazines.

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Activity2004 in reply to AndtH

Extra credit for the theme of the day! Way to go! Fantastic job done! Woohoo! 101% correct!😀👍🌈

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