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YouTuber talking about my friend getting kicked out of university because of Tourette’s

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please watch and learn more I would appreciate it also spread awareness about this because this condition is very misunderstood ❤️☮️

the YouTuber has Tourette’s

I stand with Seth and everyone in the Tourette’s community ❤️☮️

Much love and kindness


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Thank you Hiba, me too! Going off now but hope you're feeling a bit better. Xxx

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Hb2003 in reply to Niao

Thanks Niao ❤️❤️

Tourettes is awful. I've known about the condition for a very long time but saw a programme on TV a couple of months ago about a woman that had a sudden onset of the condition. I felt so much for her.

Hope you are ok Hiba.

Alicia xx 💜💜🌈

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I am doing ok ☺️ I’m glad that a YouTuber spoke about this to bring more awareness

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That's good. I'm pleased as well as it must be awful to suffer with Tourettes.

Alicia xx💜💜

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Tourette’s is a horrible thing, my brothers friend has it and it has blighted his whole life , he does find though that there is much more understanding about it now as people know more about the condition.

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It is horrible my friend hits himself sometimes it makes me sad I’m glad that there is awareness

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to Hb2003

All my 5 sons attended Uni and all different ones . Some were better than others in their attitude to disabilities and differences. Everyone has the right to learn and going forward we can only strive to get better at this . I think people are more outspoken now and they should be . Cyber bullying wasn’t a problem when I was growing up but physical and mental bullying was . Depending on the place of learning attitude does vary . My son who had knee op aged 17 was advised to defer his A level 2nd year and have a gap between applying for Uni . This would have ruined his mental well-being so we fought on and I got him a tutor and had to drive himto and from college every day . The support wasn’t there from the college . However he passed all 4 A levels and I sent a stinking letter to the LEA .

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MidoriVisually impaired

I'm with you, Hiba.

I have known two or three people with Tourette's over the years, and they are lovely people, but the stress of going out among unknown folk makes the tic worse, because of the stress of thinking 'I mustn't say that' brings it closer to the mind, and it gets said.

Many folk nowadays are less tolerant that they used to be, especially now in this Politically Correct world.

Cheers Midori

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Hb2003 in reply to Midori

that is true stress causes to make tics worse I wish that no one would have to explain them selfs

Thank you for this Hiba! There is too little public understanding or tolerance of this awful condition. Having to be prepared to apologise for yourself or explain a dozen times a day must be as exhausting as the ticking itself.

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Hb2003 in reply to Callendersgal

Exactly my friend always apologizes and I always tell him not to when he’s talking to me

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Hb2003 in reply to Callendersgal

Your welcome ❤️

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