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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Wallowa Lake (near my house)

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jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&p... a puzzle with a few more pieces to keep you entertained. Love, K

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24 Replies
Ajay575 profile image

Good one again, (12) mins

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Agoodenough in reply to Ajay575

Well done. Takes me ages!

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Ajay575

I'm always running just a little bit behind you Ajay, 12.11. There great, I enjoy doing them. 👍

in reply to bobbybobb

so glad!

Ajay575 profile image
Ajay575 in reply to bobbybobb

Thats good same here 👍

Agoodenough profile image

Loved doing this again. Thank you and I don’t even normally like doing puzzles. You’ve got a job for life. 😁Was going to ask for my money back as I thought the last two pieces were missing and then I found them underneath 🙈

Ajay575 profile image
Ajay575 in reply to Agoodenough

Same here ,you get used to them now and we can do and enjoy them i have learned to do the sides and corners first , well done wallowa ,glad you like the post and puzzles as well Agoodenough just highlighted you to see if i can still do that 😊

in reply to Ajay575

What fun! :) thanks!

in reply to Agoodenough

Grin. I've hidden them from myself a time or two :)

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Agoodenough

Me also, I've never liked jigsaw but I love these. 🌸🌼

bobbybobb profile image

That looks just beautiful. I will have a go at the jigsaw now. 😊🌸

in reply to bobbybobb

Thanks! And have fun!

springcross profile image

Hi Wallowa. That's a really good picture and I enjoyed doing the puzzle - I look forward to these now. You really do have some stunning scenery near you, lucky you. Thanks. xx

in reply to springcross

Thank you! And glad you enjoy them. I sure do!

diana1998 profile image

Love it

in reply to diana1998

Thanks :)

AndtH profile image

I love those puzzles.

in reply to AndtH

Great. (I love em too!)

Very serene and pretty Wallowa. I shall enjoy my puzzle, as always! 🙏🌈

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Great :)

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Thank you so much for these puzzles, it takes me ages but I really enjoy doling them.

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So glad :)

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