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I think Boris (and his advisors) got lifting lockdown right

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The recent data indicates a sharp fall in deaths and new infections - but it is too early to tell in the partial lifting of the lockdown will make how much difference.

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I think only time will tell. It will be a few weeks at least before we will see if it has an impact on infection rates going back up. let's hope, that's not the case. xx

Hopefully you are right ,lockdown has to get lifted sometime ,and it is baby steps to start, some say lockdown has run its course ,hopefully maybe mllions have already caught it lastfew months with no symptoms , and there is news about antibodies soon

Hi S11m, I do agree that it had to come at some point and whenever it was going to happen it naturally makes us all very nervous, knowing as we do that we are going to have to live with a greater risk to our lives than was ever the case before the crisis. I feel we will never feel safe enough to end lockdown, but we are going to have to do it, little by little.

Hope so. Things are starting to open up here (California) as well.

We are not done according to the experts which is a little frightening.

It will never be easy as I think we’ve become so fearful, understandably so. What would help, I think, would be more positive stories about the number of people who do recover and the recent estimates of how many people who are likely to have had Co-vid and not even known. Stay safe all ❤️🌈

Our lockdown continues though, doesn’t it? The most up to date advice on the Government website for us extremely vulnerables, as of yesterday, is to shield until the end of June.

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springcross in reply to Mandy56

Yes, me too after receiving a text last week from my GP telling me that my notes have been assessed and I do not meet the criteria for categorising as a high covid risk and therefore would not receive a shielding letter (I don't want one and I didn't ask for one)?

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S11m in reply to Mandy56


I think the elderly vulnerable will have to shield until we have a vaccine - or until Christmas?

I don't think anything is actually clear and I am fed up of hearing if's and maybe's. I am lucky as I have been signed off work for the rest of my life, but a very important person to me has had pressure on him to return to work. We live in London and there is only 40% of the transport system working here, I saw all the posts yesterday and it is not possible to distance yourself from other people. If he does go back to work it will mean that my only contact outside will disappear as he has already said he will not put me at risk.

I think there is some time to go and sorry as I know we are all trying not to be down.

Sorry. xx

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MidoriVisually impaired

Personally, I would have preferred to wait another couple of weeks until we were sure that the infection trend was definitely going downhill.

A few weeks will show whether he was right or wrong. Personally, with the way folk flocked back to the underground, I feel it is likely we will have another spike.

In Wales, we are not reopening, we are not encouraging tourists again yet. We have far smaller capability for infectious cases than you have in England,, and far too many holiday cottages and second homes to take the risk of opening up.

Our Medical facilities are sufficient for our population, not bulked up by tourists as happens in the summer season, tourists would overwhelm our facilities.

Cheers, Midori

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Cateran in reply to Midori

Ditto here in Scotland, Midori, and Edinburgh is effectively Air B&B territory. The Isle of Skye will be another victim of its popularity as a tourist destination, with camper vans blocking small roads everywhere.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to Midori

I wholeheartedly agree with youMidori. I too live in Wales and I couldn't have put it any better myself.

Is it not a possibility that Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland are actually right to make their own decisions, being a devolved country and not follow the prime minister like a lot of sheep? Let's not forget that we four devolved countries form part of the UK but were not in included in the decision making talks to relax the rules. Boris could easily have waited a mere three more weeks and then all four countries would have been singing from the same hymn book!

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S11m in reply to RoadRunner44

There are few cases in Devon and Cornwall - so it might be logical to re-start contact tracing there?

I too am in Wales and Shielding so feel pretty safe but worry that some in England won't keep themselves as safe as they should and the getting to work situation sounds impossible for some to stay distanced. Does it need All ( not Some) to wear masks to protect each other if the masks protect others and not oneself. XX

Political and economic expediency over peoples lives? And as for 'Stay alert' ? A deliberate ambiguity that scapegoats the public.

There's still a lack of test,track and isolate, probably because the rate of infection is still too high and no quarantine control of arrivals in the UK yet. That all should have been in place before lockdown easing, along with a much lower infection rate.

Yesterdays good news of an approved and effective antibody test was greeted by the customary vagueness . The government is talking with the 2 potential manufacturers but without apparent plan or timescale. Nothing on order, presumably because Hancock is busy trying to get a refund on the £millions he spent previously on untested kits.

Fully accept that we need to break out of the covid siege for any number of reasons, but have Ireland ,Wales and Scotland got it wrong?

Too much , too soon?

Two weeks will see whether the English government got it right. Let's hope so.

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S11m in reply to IanGordon

If Boris had announced that he was going to roll out the anti-body test without first negotiating a price they could have charged anything. Perhaps Boris is not a muppet?

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Osidge in reply to S11m

He is what he is!!

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IanGordon in reply to S11m

It's well documented - he is.

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Hidden in reply to IanGordon

Not if they massage the death figures. They're pretty good at that.

I cannot understand why they have chosen to sent the youngest children back to school. 4 yr old children will not remember to isolate.

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HamishBoxer in reply to AML80

Only one word Stupid!

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MaggieSylvie in reply to AML80

Young children (reception and year one) are not affected much by the virus, so they are mostly safe. The teachers are not. Teachers have to take their own precautions against any possible infection - clearly because they could take the virus home with them if they pick it up. My friend, who has been teaching the children of key workers all the way through the crisis says the first thing she does on arriving home is to take a shower and put her clothes in the washing machine. How long can a virus live on fabric? Perhaps you could just hang them outside for a few hours.

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Ajay575 in reply to AML80

Schools are opened just now and nurserys and got busier since easter ,tge ore school it s not fair half the clsss are missing out before pre school children going to school and nursery just now are a higher risk that the child being isolated for the 10 weeks just now ,they coukd do half days ,

You are a proper Job’s comforter aren’t you. I wonder which political party you support. The government are doing their best fighting this new virus and it is an absolutely massive task on every level to deal with everything they are having to deal with day in day out. At least our nhs wasn’t overwhelmed and couldn’t cope like a lot of countries were.

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pete0550 in reply to 211044

I agree that it was very good that the NHS wasn't overwhelmed. Unfortunately many other aspects of the handling have been chaotic from the outset as typified by the PM boasting about hand shaking after visiting a hospital treating many who already had contracted the virus. Sadly, the number of deaths speaks for itself as a gauge of 'the government are doing their best'.

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IanGordon in reply to 211044

And the care homes? And the fudged testing figures? And the late lockdown? And the inadequate PPE? Herd Immunity?

If this is their best, then heaven help us on an off day!

Our NHS was thankfully, not overwhelmed but they were discharging the untested elderly to care homes which were then woefully neglected - no testing for careres and residents and inadequate PPE allocation.

Care home residents and all carers represent a tragic but significant component of fatalities

Job's comforter?

I prefer informed realist, and hopefully, survivor.

It is a good sign that that death rates and infection has started to fall. Now I am in Scotland and here the only thing that has changed is we can go out for a run or walk more than once a day.

I do understand that a start has got to be made at some point. But when I see the news and see all those people crammed on to buses and trains in England I wonder what will happen next. 😊

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S11m in reply to Buddy34

If they used the new antibody test on a sample of London commuters it would tell us if they have herd immunity.

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Osidge in reply to S11m

It would not as, of yet, we do not know the level of immunity that antibodies provide. Also, the virus has already mutated and we do not know what that means yet.

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S11m in reply to Osidge

Most people do not know the questions - let alone the answers...

Does immunity to one mutation give immunity to all mutations?

How much immunity will it give us for how long?

Apparently, if you get very ill with it you get good immunity... I have symptoms twice (three weeks apart) and I look forward to an antibody test.

Basically, it is all educated guesswork - and assumes that Covid-19 is similar to other coronaviruses.

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Osidge in reply to S11m

Again there is lots about this particular corona virus that we do not know which is why your statement about herd immunity among London commuters is not at this time correct.

In the UK they have been trying to alleviate the symptoms - not treating the disease.

They are now trialling treatments - but I suspect they are treating patients who already have Acute Respiratory Disease (ARD) or pneumonia.

It is my opinion that the intelligent procedure is to treat the vulnerable at the onset of symptoms - treat the Covid-19 to prevent hospitalisation.

I don’t agree S11m. We have now had the third highest death rate in the world for several days running, behind the US and Brazil (far far bigger countries). We went into lockdown too late and now come out more or less the same time as other countries. It seems wealth before health. Johnson has handled this crisis bad, not listened to professional advice and instead installed his own professional advisers (less qualified). So he did not listen to scientists the first time and doctors are warning him the easing of the lockdown is too early this time and again he is not listening. The WHO thinks it’s too early and is warning of a terrible second wave this winter!

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S11m in reply to Emma2017

One theory is that lifting the lockdown will extend the first wave, give us herd immunity and prevent a second wave - countries that stay locked down longer might get subsequent waves - time will tell.

Brasil and India might have less metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity etc.) and be less susceptible - or they might just be under-reporting their infections and deaths.

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Osidge in reply to S11m

Sadly herd immunity possibility is not yet proven.

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Emma2017 in reply to S11m

WHO experts which I rate a lot more than the ones installed by Johnson have said that Sweden opted for the herd immunity and it has proven it’s effectiveness is no more than the lockdown one. So I would say the ones that have died because of Johnson’s stubbornness to implement lockdown when the proper experts told him to do so would not agree with you S11M and would say Lockdown is more likely to save lives.

If you look what is happening in Brazil right now you would realise it’s a total catastrophe. The virus 🦠 only really got hold there relatively recently but the situation is dreadful mainly because their president is even worse than Trump in acknowledging it is a fatal virus for many.

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S11m in reply to Emma2017

If Covid-19 results in the end of the WHO that would be a major benefit.

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Emma2017 in reply to S11m

Bigger benefit to the UK would be the end of this government as they have handled things dreadful. At least the WHO has more details at their fingertips and advises people accordingly, more than can be said for this lot here.

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Now is the time, heading into summer, to keep tight control. Covid doesn't like heat. If the 2nd wave hits winter time it will be very bad.

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S11m in reply to Hidden

Nobody knows anything - and I do not know if anyone is trying to make any sense of the data...

I think the virus is spreading rapidly in hot dry countries, but not in hot humid countries, but there are so many other factors that affect the spread.

I think we will never eliminate it - and I think that tightening control now would only ensure a second wave in the winter - when the NHS will be busy with the annual flu epidemic.

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Hidden in reply to S11m

Easing control now will increase rates by summer. Which will help us prepare for winter, with more data.

The complexity has arisen due to early failures. Not closing borders was a death sentence. Especially as we're hopeless at most things: no PPE, no testing, etc..

I think Boris was ill and unfit before his hospitalisation. His scientific advisors were useless like his cabinet.

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Emma2017 in reply to Hidden

Johnson was not ill when he ignored the scientific evidence from China and moreover Italy. Him and the useless bunch have made sure we are number 1 in Europe for number of deaths. His advisors were not the experts we should have had and were ignored but rather a chosen bunch by Johnson. He also is not ill now when doctors are urgently advising him not to ease the lockdown.

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Hidden in reply to Emma2017

I think he was ill when Italy happened. The effects of the virus last a long time. Who knows what health issues he's still got.

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211044 in reply to Emma2017

And everything would have been wonderful if you had been in charge of course! It’s easy to criticise in retrospect.

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Emma2017 in reply to 211044

211044 they were told urgently 5 whole weeks before the lockdown to go into lockdown. So no it’s not being wise after the event at all. It’s pointing out that they were irresponsible to not listen. Those that died would most likely agree with me. Now again they have been warned not to ease the lockdown yet and yet again they have chosen to ignore the expert advice. So let’s face it he could have been listening and acted accordingly before the event and now again.

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S11m in reply to Emma2017

It is possible that, if we had extended the lockdown, we would have been more likely to get a second wave - other countries might do, and might eventually get more fatalities than us.

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Emma2017 in reply to S11m

Still same answer S11m. When the real expert advice is not to come out of lockdown but Johnson and co ignore that, I would say that’s arrogant. It’s like ignoring any other expert advice. None of them are scientists or doctors so why ignore the advice. It can only mean wealth before health.

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S11m in reply to Emma2017

Covid-19 is a new disease - and even the "scientists and doctors" do not know much - and they do not know or care about the economy.

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Emma2017 in reply to S11m

So what if it’s a new disease. The experts will have a better know how than this government. As it had happened in China first they knew more about it than Johnson and co but they were ignored together with everyone else. We will enter a deep depression whether we come out now or in another month. However al those that won’t be with us in another month or 2 would have most likely preferred Johnson to have followed the advice. Sounds to me S11m as if you think the economy is more important than lives? In this you are not alone it until of course you were to fall fatally ill.

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I don't think it is time to argue , the lockdown as been lifted slightly let's see how many new cases there is , I think like Emma said it should have been done differently and quicker ,the care homes was a complete shambles in my view , and the PPE was another which I won't go on about only to say that how many of the NHS staff could have been saved if they had the right gear for the job 😷

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S11m in reply to Hidden

The care homes are responsible for their residents... how can this be the government's fault?

...PPE might have helped.

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Emma2017 in reply to S11m

That’s a cop out S11m. The care homes repeatedly asked for more PPE and testing kits but were ignored. It was handled abominably by this government and of course had lockdown been implemented when advised not as many care home residents would have died. JC also urgently advised Johnson to implement lockdown 4 to 5 weeks before he finally succumbed mainly because France threatened to stop trucks from entering Britain with supplies. So real caring there.

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S11m in reply to Emma2017

I think that some of the fatalities in care homes were due to the NHS sending sick, infectious patients back to their care homes.

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Emma2017 in reply to S11m

Possibly some yes but my above reply still stands.

Unfortunately judging by how irresponsible many people are i fear there will be a second wave.

We are adults,and we should respect the advice given,we cannot expect to run around like infantile rowdy kids and not expect repercusions. I live on the coast and the road i reside in is overflowing with traffic and dozens of people mingling without a care in the world. Frankly it makes me so annoyed and last weekend people were parking in our drive. No respect and no decency. ggrrrr

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