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Im worried about my sister? What should i do?

My sister is 18 years old and it came as a huge shock to us that she was pregnant. by the time we found out it was to late to get an abortion. Now though her son is 11 months old and we coudnt live without him. They do both live at home with me ( her younger sister) and our parents. Things are difficult but we manage just fine. However ive noticed that since the babys been born shes always tired and never wants to do anything she used to love. I know that is very normal (being a mother and all) but she doesnt seem to want to play with her son, she says shes going to tidy her room but instead sits on her phone for a few hours until we go find her. She works as a lifeguard (as well as being at college part time) but shes been asking for more and more shifts lately and when we say "what about your son, he hasnt seen his mum in over a week", she shrugs it off as if shes avoiding him. She also doesnt seem interested in her sons achievments for instance he took his first steps a few days ago and she wasnt interested at all. It might be nothing but I know she hasnt been happy lately. Is there anything to worry about?

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Hi there

It could be post natal depression. Perhaps a trip to the doctor would be a good thing. The difficult thing is to persuade her that would be a good idea. If her son is walking she has had this a while. X

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It sounds like maybe depression, her hormones may be off after having a baby and also she is so young my daughter is 18 and is pregnant due in aug . She is living with her boyfriend and she keeps sayi g things like im terrified of having a baby and labor and she tells me she is so scared and ehst if she is not a good mom and she just wishes it could alk change back so I think you should find some wsy or some one to help her open up and talk about what it is that is wrong with her post natal depression may be the problem check with her doctor



I agree with the other replies, it certainly sounds like she is post natally depressed. Are you able to sit down with her and tell her your concerns? Tell her you are worried about her, offer to support her in anyway you can, that might be helping making an appointment for her or it might just be sitting listening to her. Do you think she would look at information on a website? Maybe leave the page open at, there is some great information there for all of you aswell as a mutual support forum. Please dont either of you feel alone in this.

Hope this helps

Sarah x


She may have postnatal depression lots of mums get it after having a baby .its normal bit she should see a doctor.


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