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Exciting times thanks to Covid: Go to the Hay on Wye literary festival without the police saying no!



More things to do while in lockdown:

The famous Hay on Wye festival clashed with the Covid Lockdown on the day they were to start selling tickets. But thanks to a lot of amazing people it is online for the first time ever, allowing even more people to "attend" - and free of charge. You will have the opportunity to be invited into participants' living rooms as they join in from their homes. If enough people join the charity they will consider making a digital part of the festival a permanent feature.

Apparently they were worried about their merchandising - but have been overwhelmed with orders for their deck chairs ...

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Thank you Pro - busy as ever you are keeping us occupied. 🌹

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I struggled to register. It moved through the stages so quickly I couldn't catch up. I seem to have managed to sign up for the You Tube clips though. But thanks for flagging this up - I'll try again tomorrow

Thanks - I've always wanted to go to Hay - was on my bucket list for next year when I'm 60!

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