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Posting on Covid chat


Should this post be on the Covid chat? I’m on an IPhone. I can access the chat by scrolling down but don’t see how to post.

Any general advice on continuing to taper during the virus? I know we’re all different and with different issues etc.

I’m currently at 9.5 halfway through a taper from 9 to 8.

Thanks moderators for all your hard work. 💖

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You just use the reply button as if you were answering. Ask your question. There are 3 of us who are here to pick it up as well as anyone reading the post. It's a reply ....


Actually on this one re one tapering....I would emphasise that. My view is that if all is stable, you don't have side effects like bone density issues the slowly slowly if at all. I wouldn't drop more than 0.5mg.

I know you have had a stressful year so if you are finally stable. ....enjoy it for a week or two before you come to I said...that's all other things being equal.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

If you feel alright in yourself, no reason to stop tapering. Just be aware that if you are stressed by the whole virus thing it might make it a bit more difficult - plus you will soon be in the region where your adrenals need to start waking up - and that can be difficult for some.

Just treat your illness as you would normally - even though we are in unusual times.


Posting on the Covid post is no different to making a reply on any other thread.

If you haven't got the virus why should it make a difference to tapering? Unless you are stressing and that causes a flare.

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