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Major trouble

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Had op replacement ball and socket joint right shoulder yesterday about 10.30 am. Excruciating pain since waking up in recovery. Recovery staff did not listen and we're brutal. I also have PMR symptoms. PMR managed up till today with 50mgs ?intravenous. Was on 7mgs for several months previous. They are saying can go back to what I was. Don't think this will touch the sides. Urgent advice needed to act upon.

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Cite the hospital code of conduct in listening to patients and giving adequate care and pain relief. Make sure they know you know you have rights and the right to see the nursing manager if you are not happy. This is serious! I'll let the pros and aunties give you medical advice, I'm the stroppy old cow in the corner!! I had a horrible stay in hospital a while back and demanded a patient advocate to get rid of a nurse who was brutal, really hurt me and was incompetent - you can do it too. Kia Kaha - be strong xxxxx

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Constance13 in reply to Angiejnz

Excellent advice - more patients should jump over their shadows and complain when treated badly.

Not, definitely NOT acceptable.😡

Yes it might be ‘stroppy cow’ time but if you’re still in hospital it takes courage. What pain relief do you have at the moment? Where is the pain?

I'm sorry you had to have an op. on Xmas day! And it's horrible now to be in so much pain. I had hip replacement in June and they gave me a 24 hour steroid infusion and I stayed on the same oral dose I had been on - 11 mgs. it worked fine.

It is complicated to manage 2 things at once! I think you need to make sure you are on enough pain relief and then think about what dose of pred. you need too. I have found that a lot of pain has given me a flare many times in the past, so you may well need to increase your pred. too, but maybe don't decide this until your shoulder pain is under control first? Good luck!

So sorry to hear you're in so much pain and hope you get adequate relief today.

Can you ask if there's a Rheumatologist on duty to discuss the PMR? Even if the answer is "No", it may help them take your concern seriously.

Wishing you well for your recovery from the op.

Morning, sorry to hear you feel so awful. Did they give you Hydrocortisone Cover in Theatre?

When l had my Mastectomy they gave me 100mg Hydrocortisone Cover in theatre then again during the night, they then took advice from my Consultant (different hospital) to ask what regime she wanted me on Post Operatively.

You really need some decent pain meds or a nerve block, the chance of an On Call Rheumatologist is low but the anaesthetist should be able to help with the pain issues.

Was it an Emergency as it was done on Christmas Day?

Get Well Soon 🌺

MrsN xx

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Marilyn1959 in reply to

I fell and was admitted Tuesday before Christmas. Was seduced as 'golden Patient' top priority Thursday. Unfortunately on Wednesday evening I was voliently projectile vomitting blood. This threw everything pear shaped so had a,couple of emergency endoscopes - no fun ordinarily bu with broken shoulder even worse! Next time specialist shoulder specialist was in was Christmas eve and Christmas Day.

Had a total replacement of ball and socket CHRISTMAS DAY. last night in agony all night however had x ray today, had sling altered, fingers iced and taking a tiny white pill, guarded by two nurses, such is it's high street value! Hopefully this pill will see me through a much more comfortable night tonight.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Marilyn1959

Haven't you been given a patient-controlled analgesia pump?

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Marilyn1959 in reply to PMRpro

No but can request additional oromorph hourly.

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I'm another stroppy old cow in the corner - the staff need educating that effective post-op pain relief is absolutely essential. Effective communication is also essential - I had a reminder of poor communication skills this week from a surgeon but I won't accept either that or him being working xmas as an excuse. If you aren't up to it, get someone to complain. If you don't want to wrk xmas Eve - don't be a doctor. First start with the nursing staff, then the surgeon and then over their heads if you have to.

I once had a male nurse who passively-aggressively refused to provide the pain relief I requested. Luckily when the surgeon came round and asked if I had pain I said yes - and when told I must ask for it, that the nursing staff had refused it. Boy - did his attitude change after a word from God! It is a tourist area, I was a tourist, the nurse treated me like an Italian tourist. Once i had my pain stuff I gave him some instruction in non-Italian tourists!! He couldn't do enough for me after that.

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Marilyn1959 in reply to PMRpro

I did similar with a nurse today. After waiting some 30 mins for buzzer response i asked the responding nurse to re fill my drinking tumbler with water from the water jug which was right next to it. She said they would be replacing the water jugs later and walked off. Pressed buzzer again. 35 mins later same nurse responded. Without preamble I asked her why she had chosen nursing? Her response was it was either that or Asda??????? I told her that I thought she should have stuck with Asda. Might have given her more job satisfaction and distance from people.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Marilyn1959

Complaint time - PALS at least.

The young lady needs a week the other side of the sheets! With care staff of her own type.

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Marilyn1959 in reply to PMRpro

At the same time in the same ward is a Male Phiilipino who is efficient, prfrissessional, respectful and humane. I have felt dignified and respected at all times he has assisted me including the lowest of times. A very gifted Care Giver.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Marilyn1959

Exactly - and that is the way they should be. Unfortunately a lot of it is due to the ageist attitudes held by a lot of people in the UK - not found in Asia and many other regions of the world. Whether we like it or not - we are mostly over 55 ...

Post op from colon operation I had a "pain management nurse" visit every couple of days. I was doing ok with the self regulated morphine & not on steroids at the time. I certainly appreciated that visit though!!!

Good work undone after surgery sometimes! As Snazzy replied it's tough to make a complaint at the time! Most of us just want to be out of there!

Best advice already up above Marilyn. Hope you are ok. ATB

My heart goes out to you, Marilyn. It's one thing to be in hospital, having surgery, and then to be treated BRUTALLY! Can you complain to PALS, when you're up to it? I do wish you a speedy recovery with KINDLY nursing staff. x

Oh Marilyn, poor you, you must feel so vulnerable with brutal staff around you! I would demand to see the surgeon, this level of pain sounds wrong to me! Wishing you kind, wise staff from now on. Shocking really!

So sorry to hear this Marilyn. I would definitely spea k to the surgeon, I'm surprised that there wasn't pain control in place for you. Sending gentle hugs to you. X

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