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Broken foot prior to PMR


In June of 2017 I broke my lift foot and injured the right one in a fall on the stairs. Two doctors were amazed there was no pain in the left foot/leg, but plenty in the right one! A boot was provided for the left foot and the right foot was strapped up.

I will concede that both doctors were concerned enough to request additional exrays that confirmed the prior readings. The left foot never hurt!

December of 2017, PMR diagnoses given. Within a month, the left foot started to hurt when I went to bed. It still gives me pain, not while on my feet.

Was this a precursor to PMR? or am I stretching?

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You’ve clearly got peculiar wiring AltonBay. Sorry about your diagnosis, perhaps it was the dramatic beginning. PMR Pain is awful and bone breaks less so perhaps. Try to get a bone density scan ( DEXA) before agreeing to Alendronic Acid and it’s like. Make sure you take prescribed Calcium and vit D, vit K and Magnesium are useful additions too. Take good care and ask your questions here, there’s a lot of support and knowledge to be shared.

Thank you for your response. I have been taking Calcium and vitamin D and will look into your other suggestions.

There is so much to learn, sort and incorporate! Without help from you and others on this site this journey would be overwhelming! This is a safe place to seek help and advice.


The trauma could have stressed your immune system enough to be the straw that broke the camel's back - it may not have been "the" trigger, it is generally held to be an accumulation of stressors and finally it topples over...

AltonBay in reply to PMRpro

Thank you for the information. I had been wondering if these events were connected and decided to ask the group that knows most things PMR. I like things to fit and you have helped me do that.

Thank you for all that you do for the group. Your guidance and information have helped me navigate these choppy and unknown waters!

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