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Medication advice please


I am currently on holiday in Jamaica with a stinking cold and a dry tickly cough keeping me (and everyone else) awake practically all night. My friend has brought Day and Night Nurse from the UK, but is it safe for me to take it? I am on 5mg prednisolone and 10mg amlodopine (for high blood pressure) daily. I have read the contraindications on the leaflet and it says not to take if you have high blood pressure, but since I take the medication for it I am not sure if this applies to me. Many thanks Zhenya

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It may affect the effect of the dose of amlodipine you are on - raise or lower your BP, I can't remember which. If it were to lower the BP even further it could make you dizzy.

Are you being confined to the resort - I noticed something about it the other day? If not - a pharmacist is a pharmacist, whether they are in Jamaica or anywhere else.


Thank you for your swift reply. I went to the pharmacist who suggested Corvonia cough linctus for dry and tickly coughs. We were surprised to see it here. Fingers crossed it will help me get some sleep tonight. Thank you again, Zhenya


Hi Zhenya,

I’ve just recovered (well almost) from dry tickly cough and sore throat whilst on holiday in NZ. I can’t comment on your medication, but I found that gargling with boiled water, salt and honey (sounds a lot worse than it is) plus drinking herbal teas with honey (albeit Manuka given as a Christmas present), plus the occasional Strepsils lozenge got me through. Fortunately didn’t have the cold as well.

If you can’t get advice, I would try medication just at night-time, then if you do get any dizziness you’ll be lying down, or just try 1/2 a dose!


Thank you DorsetLady for your sound advice. My dear father used to recommend saltwater to cure many ills. I have been lucky enough to get Corvonia cough linctus and am hoping it will help let me get some sleep tonight. Thank you again, Zhenya

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