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Is this the same old same old?

Have had GCA and poly reumalgia for6 years with ups and downs increases and decreases of Pred! WEnt to visit my son in London on Sunday have been having a sore throats for a couple of days took paracetomal then developed a chesty cough didn't think much of it but as I caught the train felt really woozy dis-orientated and giddy had no energy for anything and had to take to bed as soon as I arrived! Stayed there till next day haven't felt this bad since the beginning of my illness. So weak can't do anything my husband goes into hospital this week for a short procedure but feel helpless that I cannot support him enough.

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Well all the stress ingredients are present. GCA and PMR do not want us to be heroic ever. They choose the times when duty calls so urgently and you can't say no to rear up and say NO. So Vpankhurst, you are really going to have to put yourself first and have complete rest.

Your husband will be fine, your son will be fine and best of all, you will be fine.


Your need to get your GP out if you cannot get to them............do not procrastinate, call the practice.


Here I am again now on antibiotics for chest. But the walking seems worse had to sit down in the field when taking dog out no energy staggering and stumbling a friend came along and helped me back. Only feel ok if in bed. Also no appetite.


Then you need some investigations done - unless you have caught a flu or something the antibiotics won't help. You could have pneumonia - that must be ruled out.


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