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reduced frinom 20 mg to 17.5 ,

i have been on 20 mg since approx nov 1, prior to that started on 40, oct 12, then tapered to the 20mg, reduced just 9 days ago to 17.5, and did well until this morning, pain in right shoulder back this morning, and lasted all day, even til now at 10pm, mostly on outside of top of shoulder, don,t know if this is a relapse or what, or if i was stressed, did have some family issues, or if i had something ohut of my normal diet last night, any thoughts , or anyone have similar story to share

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As the pain is only on one side, it could well be something else as PMR is usually bilateral. Shoulders can carry a lot of tension and it may well be stress for whatever reason particularly if it is on your weaker side. I'd monitor it for a few days and if it continues then seeing your GP would be sensible.


Don't know if this is relevant or not but I had something similar but before I started on Prednisolone. I had been having bilateral pains in my shoulders for sometime, then suddenly had a sharp excrutiating pain in one shoulder. My GP diagnosed PMR, following raised levels in a blood test. Once I got to see my Rheummy, he said "not PMR because not bilateral - it's Reactive Arthritis". Whatever it is/was, the pred sorted it. Good luck with your plight.


I have read some responses and find I must be unique...because for 6 months I had left side everything from shoulder to hip to knees. It was actually managable and I was told bursitis ... THEN it went full blown into the other side where for one year I was poked prodded and explored all with no idea what I had ..... I finally put my symptoms onto Mayo clinic and Walla up came PMR.

It sounds like you might be going to fast on your tapering doses.

I ended up with GCA months down the road so started on 15 I took 20 prednisone the first night and thought it was amazing how great I felt. Then 5 months later was on 50 mgs. I got down to 7 and had a huge flare as I was living with the pain from about 15mgs or so. So went back to 20 and am now back to 16 doing the dead slow . My doctor wanted me off fast n until I found this site I did everything she said. It is not a race one of the experts here told me... So now I am on the slow boat to Somewhere and hope I get off soon....

Sorry did not mean to write a book lololo

Let your body tell you what it needs.......


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