Happy Christmas to everyone on the forum, reading as well as posting. I don't post much but it's the first email I open every morning.

Thanks for all the advice and comments especially from the regulars.

The practical advice has helped me manage my journey through gcapmr, now down to 7pred after 20months.

And thanks to everyone for sharing experiences. It's made me feel less of a lone sufferer.

Let 2017 be a better year for all of us. 😊

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  • DDKRM, thank you for your wishes, you have a peaceful Christmas and a special 2017!

    This website has held my hand all the way through. I rarely need to see my GP, only for tests and prescriptions. All my detailed worries are brought to this forum.

  • Absolutely, Happy xmas all and good health for next yearxxx

  • Ditto to Sheffieldjane. Happy Christmas to everyone and health and happiness to all of us.

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