Life in the slow lane of PMR

Life in the slow lane of PMR

Hi I'm David contracted PMR 20 months ago (Diag.Nov 2014) Found PMRGAC uk two months ago. Attended the Annual AGM, now a member and our local group in Chertsey.

So much wonderful info, helps to feel it's not just you and there's hope on the horizon.

Now alerted to GCA symptoms. We need to know.

Currently working down from 20mg Prednisolone after reaching 9mg but suffering. At 16.5mg taking twice a day. Taking it slowly and small reductions, when I feel good.

Awaiting to see the Neurologist he's had a request for a review 11 weeks ago, but apparently I may have to wait 18 weeks before a response.

Thank goodness for

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  • Nice to hear from you again David. Thanks so much for bigging up PMRGCAuk! x

  • Hello DavidMF.. it's nice to see your post on this Forum, I am a fellow member of the Chertsey Group and I wouldn't be anywhere without the help and advice of PMRGCAUK The information and help over the last few years have been so helpful and helped me to live with this horrible condition. Kate Gilbert's Book has also helped me a lot . I try to live life in the slow lane but other Family members etc have other ideas and I struggle to keep up. I will look out for you at the next meeting in August ..Best wishes trish29

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