What to do if you have a Cold

Hi everyone. I haven't had a Cold for at least ten years, but have managed to catch one from my Grandaughter. My question is, do I need to up my Pred or leave it as it is. I hope this is not a daft question. I have two fractured Vertebra at the moment, so as you can imagine sneezing is agony. I am slightly scared that the sneezing is going to give me another Fracture as I got the other two Fractures without doing anything out of the ordinary. Hey Ho such fun, lol!


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  • Hi

    I had a cold a few weeks ago and noticed that I was beginning to ache more than normal so after a few days and no improvement upped preds from 11 to 12 .Aches and pains disappeared .

    Hope you feel better soon


  • Thanks Rose. The flipping Cold has only come today, so I will hang on for a while. I have just successfully got down to 7mg, so I really don't want to go back up unless I really have to. Fingers crossed.

    Attic x

  • I was newly diagnsed 3 months ago and dread getting any infection. Before my flights to and from UK this Xmas (I live in Spain) I used First Defence, a nasal spray, to try to avoid picking up cold bugs on the plane. Touch wood it seems to have worked.

  • I am glad about that Golflady. This Cold is the worse I have ever had, I have been on Pred for fifteen Months now. I can feel the Pmr rearing it's ugly Head slightly. I have just got down to 7 mg successfully, so I don't want to go back up.

    I am not pleased with my Daughter, as she knew the Baby had a Cold when she bought her round. I have told her and told her that we need to keep away from Infection if we know it is there, but it is like talking to a Brick Wall, I am afraid.

    Thank you for replying, Attic x

  • If you had to add a couple of mg to take you through the cold you could go straight back down to the 7mg without starting over - but you don't actually know if the 7mg is enough until you've been on it a few weeks at least. So keep an eye on developments.

  • Thank you PMRpro, I will. I have been on 7mg for two weeks now and was doing fine until I got this awful Cold. I don't normally get bad Colds and haven't had one for about ten years now. It must be being on the Pred, I think.

    Attic x

  • Hi Attic,

    Bit late into conversation, but just wanted to say, hopefully you won't need to increase your Pred for a cold. I usually just take paracetamol rather than the "made up satchets" never quite sure what's in them. And make sure I drink plenty of fluids - doesn't matter whether hot or cold, although hot always makes you feel better I think.

    Honey in hot water is good if you get sore throat, and as golflady says a nasal spray may help with clearing your nose.

    Rest as much as possible and keep warm - and re-iterate to your daughter that much as you love your granddaughter you'd rather not see her when she has a cold.!

    Also, don't try reducing until you have got rid of all your sniffles. Take care

  • Thank you DorsetLady. I am going to try the Honey, I have got some in the Cupboard.

    Attic x

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