Long term commitment & running with a smile

On Saturday I completed my 50th Parkrun (5km) ... but only my 46th since having PMR! Parkruns are organised all over the country (and elsewhere) every Saturday morning at 9am. For me this demonstrates commitment and perseverance especially when the PMR pains were bad I still got out there and ran. I'm running free with a smile again :-)

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That is brilliant Jonny and congratulations - but for anyone looking in, can I just point out it is not necessarily your fault if you can 't do a run like that. For a long time I couldn't walk never mind run, and not just because of pain. Everyone is different.


I'm in remission and off steroids - I still can't run!!!!

Well done again Jonny!


Congratulations... I'm also trying to keep up the exercise despite the pain/stiffness and discomfort. I find the movement and endorphins help with the pains also the feel good factor of doing something positive. However is there any evidence that exercising through the pain can do any damage or make things worse?


Hi dundunhi - Since September 2013 I've maintained a daily health and fitness log which is very interesting some 20 months later to make correlations with my steroid reduction and my increase in fitness. Research my daily logs I totally believe I went into PMR with a very fit body which has assisted my recovery, but further more, the daily stretching routine followed by additional activity as my body got stronger has really, really helped my recovery and now got me down to my final 0.5mg. However, there is a sting in the tail which I'm presently experiencing as it's my body that's physically working and not the steroids. Take care and hope all goes well for you. Best wishes of the festive season x


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