down to 10mg,s of preds in fact going to 9.1/2 on Saturday,when

in the last few days have a slight headache and face quite red on taking my BP it has risen to 201/89 and i can feel the difference slightly light headed as well,could this be just a virus or what ? not quite sure myself have had a few sneezes and a little tired but nothing drastic,can anyone suggest anything please.

will go and see my doc tomorrow but as some of you may know i do not have any faith in them, I was doing so well can not believe this,many thanks Anne.

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  • There is no way to know Anne - but with a BP like that you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. My GP looked hard a couple of days ago at 140/90.

  • Thanks for reply just taken it and its still high 206/99 and I can feel it the throbbing in my neck for i and slight headache will let you know outcome many thanks Anne

  • Anne - it could be anything, just a nasty infection of some sort looming, but when my GCA symptoms started, my blood pressure soared in spite of just having started taking BP medication. Hope you get some answers today.

  • Thanks celtic,just taken it now and it 206/99 off to docs at 10.15 thanks celtic will let you know if anything to report, kind regard Anne

  • How did you get on at the docs yesterday? Been thinking about you. Best Wishes, Sue

  • Doc not interested I was confused when he said what would you like. he give me Amlodipine 5mg ,then proceeded to tell me how things should be as we should all be at home instead of in hospitals putting a drain on the NHS,we all want more money but we have lost our values, he said that it makes us docs fed was like listening to the news.he is only in his late 40,ts I think he should give his job up and do something else ...thank you for you concern , Sue,kind regards Anne in the cold north east of the UK..

  • Agree. Either a doctor's visit or an emergency room visit is the best way to deal with blood pressure that high. If you have GCA, sometimes there is other vessel, involvement. That can cause neck pain (if pain is in the neck) and discomfort. With GCA, and complications, I believe, they are now checking, other large vessel involvement. If caught early, it can be dealt with. Hope you get good results from your doctor. hope you feel better. all the best, Whittlesey

  • Hi all thank you for your kind and comforting words,Told doc my problem and he asked me what would i like , bit confused,

    He said well you can double up on your Bisoprolol or i can give you another tablet I said I will be guided by you so he give me Amlodipine 5mg.I took 1 last night 9.30 at that point my BP was high,took my BP at 9am this morning & was 172/85.took it again at 10.45 & it was 159/83 it will be interesting what it is tonight as my BP is always higher at night,when the BP is relatively normal no thumping in neck or lightheaded .,thanks to all of you that helped me get through another day,I wish you all well,kind regards Anne

  • Hello Anne

    Strange attitude from your GP - not very professional. I'm sure all of us would prefer to be at home rather than in hospital putting a drain on the NHS!!! However, at least he has prescribed medication for your raised BP. It looks as though your reading has improved already after just one pill - they do say to allow a few weeks before seeing too much of an improvement. Like you, my BP is always higher in late evening - a 24 hour ambulatory monitor would be a good idea to see what is happening overnight for you. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me as for some reason it failed to record overnight....I've always been an awkward patient!! So glad to hear you are already feeling better.

  • Thank you celtic,what would we all do without each other,I do appreciate every one,s concern for each other its so comforting .Yes I too thought what the hell is he going on about,he talked about everything except my problem with my BP.but as you say he did give me some pills,well thanks every one will be in touch soon,kind regards to you all Anne,by the way girls I lost my last little hen 2 days ago very upsetting,if i,m repeating my self i,m sorry, thank you all again.Anne

  • be fair Anne he is probably only on a 100grand a year +.Sorry about the hen.TAKE care.DAVE.

  • Hi daveD, well its just possible he could be on more as he has 10,000 patients I just don't know wot is wrong with him he made me feel like I should not have been bothering him,he said people should take responsibility for their own health and look after themselves better,well dave if he bothered to look at my health record he would have seen that i have not been to a doctor only 1/2 dozen times in 35years until I got GCA

    you can imagine what I was thinking cant you..take care Dave,Anne

  • my heart goes out to you Anne, I worked till i was 70 paying TAXES etc now we are told we area drain on the system.the old doctors would do blood pres, feel your tummy,chest& the dreaded rubber glove for its straight on to look for some one to supply a answer to your problem, IT is a good job we have these Forums I cant thank the GIRLS? enough.Take Care. i had better sign go i can feel my b/pressure going up Hay Ho. Dave.

  • I to worked and payed taxes until I was 68,they the one,s that are making the money Dave not us I was on minimum wage,s as a tutor for adults with learning difficulty,s I to really get annoyed and I did my job properly or not at all.

    thanks for reply Dave kind regards Anne.

  • Anne, so sorry to hear about your last little hen - I know exactly how you feel, after having our adorable pusscat put to sleep due to a tumour in her jaw bone just a few weeks ago. She was only about 9 and still missing her dreadfully, especially the way she used to come through the catflap calling us. She was a young, abandoned or lost cat roaming our street when we took her in and I think the "calling" was making sure someone was still around! Just a thought, Anne: perhaps the sudden rise in your BP was down to the upset with your hen.

  • Hi Celtic,I wonder if that is possible as when I took her to the vets I was talking to her,, as you do,, and telling her I am going to get her better so I did not expect the vet to put her to sleep,my goodness its painful having pets,am so sorry to hear of your cat I love cats I do understand what you are feeling, many thanks Celtic,ps we will have to get another pudycat,,x

  • Celtic, so sorry to see that news, I know how much you loved her. Still miss mine and it's almost a year now.

    Anne, anything like that can trigger if not quite a flare, then a bad patch at least. My daughter has hens and she says stroking feathers is very therapeutic!

  • Hi palkadotcom, your daughter is right it was lovely to see her playing on the garden as I was eating my breakfast then when I was finished she would come in the house for her second breakfast and the 2 sheep dogs as well my son spoil t them all by giving them all some porridge every morning after we had eaten,the things we do and get so much pleasure from,nice to hear from you,take care and kind Regards xx

  • Thank you Anne and polkadot - it's comforting to communicate with others who understand how sad it is to lose a little animal member of the family. Can't believe it's a year since you lost Tilly, polkadot,, but oh how I can believe that you still miss her.

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