daveD. LO to one & all this is my first go at doing a post so i have to hope dont put my foot in hit?

i am on my first full week on Prednisolone the results have been amazing. i was diagnosed with pmr in late jan. before pmr struck i was a keen gardener& took walking holidays in scotland,yorkshire,peaks.then boom had a job to even put shirt&socks on in the mornings.so far so good.i am learning to put my feet up.might not be the right thing to say but thank full for communitys like this. once again thank you.

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  • Sounds as if you have learnt the most important thing already!! Keep it up!

  • Welcome from me too - learning to put your feet up is the most important lesson you can learn!

  • Hello from me too - another newbie, diagnosed early Jan. Like you, the predisilone worked like magic. Been tapering my dose the past couple of weeks to 12.5mg. The GP put me straight onto the lower dose and aches and fatigue hit me again like a stone, so I now have her blessing to taper as I think best :) Managing much better by alternating doses and gradually increasing the days on the lower dose. Hope you continue to feel better. It certainly is a shock, when you are normally an active person, to suddenly not be able to do the things you take for granted. Best of luck :)

  • daveD. Mornin HighlandCoo.started on 15mg more blood tests in3weeks time.i am also on medication for under active thyroid,so i have to try&keep 1 eye on when i take certain tabs.I hope Dr does not try to rush things.by the way sun is shine ing.& daffs are flowering.All the best for your journey.

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