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Good evening,

one question: my nephro, when I asked him during my last audience about my high uric acid levels (9.7, were over 10 at some point) told me it probably was genetic and prescribed Allopurinol 100mg.

That was a month ago.

I still not haven't started taking the drug, as I am about to have audience with my hep soon (that is the one who referred me to the nephro), and I am unsure if I should take it due to possible side effects on the liver. I have also read that Allopurinol is not indicated in high uric acid levels caused by PKD.

Anybody taking allopurinol?



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What studies have you read? Many people with PKD take allopurinol safely.


Thank you for your reply. I do not find the page where I supposedly read about allopurinol being contraindicated with PKD. I probably got something mixed up. Anyway, I will wait until the hep gives his ok.




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