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I've just bought a juicer (spurred on by mountainman's posts!) and am really enjoying it. It is quite a palaver (is that how you spell it?), but I'm treating it as a mindful activity! I wondered if anyone has any favourite juices they make? I am getting slightly bored of beetroot, carrot, apple and all the green stuff. Unfortunately I do have quite a sweet tooth so am trying not to add too much fruit, but it certainly adds to the enjoyment. I'm trying to remember what was in the ones I had at PB ...

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Hi Rosabella, I love juicing and make lots of juices with my kids BUT they have that sweet tooth too so we are more fruit than kale. If you are tempted to fruit once in a while, we put ground flaxseed and other ground seeds in with it so we are getting some protein too. Frozen summer fruits are a cheap way of getting fruit to blitz/juice. enjoy....


Hi jennifer. Never thought of frozen fruit, that's a good idea. Could add them to all the green stuff and it might make it more appetising! You're lucky your kids like juicing, my 17 year old daughter is really phobic about fruit and veg. Thought she would have grown out of it by now. I put the flax seed in with my muesli.

Have a good weekend x


Hello Rosabella,

We have one smoothie recipe in the featured recipe section of our website.

We add two new recipes every month and we will see about including a few more smoothies and juices for you in the near future.


Hello Rosabella. You certainly seem to be on the right side of the juicing mesh! I am only too aware that there are only a certain no of veggies you can pop in but I tend to go for bulk then swing the taste off to give variety. bulk is Celery, peeled n chopped to get rid of the stringy bits, carrots, cucumbers, apples and sweet potatoes. The swing can be from, Butternut squash, lemon skins, ginger, garlic, beetroot, fennel, spinnage, or any fruit you have around. A half grapefruit can be great.

Try this one

Warm Apple Cider

2 green apples

1 red apple

pinch cinnamon

pinch cardamom

keep trying and good luck


Yes Mountainman we all need a bit of swing! The squash is a good idea (love butternut squash soup) and grapefruit. Do you put in the grapefruit skin? I do like celery but it does tend to block things up - didn't realise you could peel it. I like the juices that don't leave lots of stuff to clean off the machinery. Will give the apple one a go. It does all get quite expensive, doesn't it, especially when trying to be mostly organic. Cheers x


I'm interested in the juicing but definitely couldn't afford £299. I think someone mentioned one for £69, do the cheaper ones do the job and what about bought vegetable juice, is that any good. Finally, is it an easy habit to keep up? Has anyone bought the juicer and then given up on it for whatever reason. Thanks


I bought my juicer at Argos £25 I juice every day, it feels more pro active in my recovery I started using the Ensure as a base and adding any fruit or veg juice Now I get recipes off the internet - search juicing, I might have to buy a better quality juicer but so far...I love it xx


Hi Sequoia. I did buy one of the expensive ones (got it for £269). I don't have much money so it was a big investment but I decided it was worth it. I had a cheaper one which was very noisy and would go on strike every now and then. The expensive one (a Hurom - can't remember the model but will find out if you are interested) is a very good quality piece of machinery and I've become very fond of it! I don't juice every day, maybe 5 out of 7, and it does take a while, but it's become a mindful activity for me and I enjoy working out what tastes nice with what. I think the shop bought juice would have some goodness in but not nearly as much as freshly made stuff.

It is an expensive business isn't it, what with supplements and good quality food etc.

Love and best wishes to you xx


There are loads of Smoothie recipe books available. If you have a Kindle there are some that are available to download for free at the moment -


I put in spinach or broccoli and some ginger and lemon. Know that you should use very little fruit because it will cause sugar spikes. The cinnamon Mountain Man recommends is a good idea because cinnamon actually helps to lower glucose.

I DO have a confession: lately I haven't been juicing because I don't exactly love it, but I did feel a lot more energy when I did it, especially if I added ginger. So reading all your posts, I think I'll start up again. Oh, know that celery and cucumber and dandelion, especially are great detoxers.


Oh, just read the comments about how expensive juicers can be. I myself use a blender. It might take a little longer as it's not as powerful so I only run for like 60 seconds then give it a short rest, then start up again. But it works and it's cheap. Can buy a mid grade one for $40 (I think 1 euro translates to something like one and a third dollars?)


I too was inspired by mountainman.....promised myself i would juice daily and dont, but i do juice a few times each week


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