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Dear all,

My name is Molly and I am a visual artist who was diagnosed in 2011 with a rare type of NHL. During these 4,5 years I had two chemotherapy treatments, both lasting half a year, which unfortunately confused my immune system into developing autoimmunities when I get an infection or virus causing scary breakdowns of my health, and with last year having a major operation where the very big and fast growing tumor was removed. I am still recovering from that but am very hopeful that it will go well for a while. Fingers crossed! 

During those years I have kept a blog that shows my artwork that deals with going through the motions of it all and what it means and does to me, having and living with cancer. I like to share this with as much people as possible, so please have a look at

Everyone is welcome to follow or share this blog and all comments are welcome!

I wish everyone all the best and all the love to deal with the life changing experience that cancer is.

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Thanks very much I shall be interested to view this & will respond.

Mo Foster


Lovely blog with some beautiful artwork and inspirational words from the heart - thank you for sharing the link and wishing you well.  


Thank you bravelady. All the very best to you too!!

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