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my 83 year old father has just informed me that he was diagnosed 3 years ago with leukemia, he has been feeling unwell recently and has been having tests at the hospital ,mri scan and colonoscopy, he had to remind his doctor that he had leukemia before he was sent there, what i cant understand is why when first diagnosed wasnt any form of treatment started,only now are the doctors getting interested in him.

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That sounds awful, your poor father. I suggest you ask his consultant any questions that need answering. Don't be put off,we do have a right to have a inquiring relationship with the medical world.

Good luck. Do stay in touch


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i woul hate to think his age was anything to do with not receiving any treatment in the first place.hope you get everything sorted out this time all the best tomx


thanks to ranger47 and jeanjames for viewing my post ,i will keep you updated he has a doctors appointment soon .


Dear Raymondo72,

I just wanted to let you know a bit more about Penny Brohn Cancer Care as you may want to access our services.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care is here to support you with the impact of cancer in your life, (whether you have cancer or are supporting someone with cancer).

Our combination of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual support is designed to work alongside medical treatment. You may be interested in talking to one of our doctors about your father's situation. The best way to do this is to contact Helpline on 0845 123 23 10 (9.30 - 5pm Monday to Friday) who will guide you through how to use our services or visit our website

Sending you all good wishes


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Hi raymondo72 I am a patient with a chronic form of leukaemia with an average age of diagnosis of 72, with many in our group being in the less fit and maturer age group. The reason i have posted is that the type of leukaemia (CLL) we live with in our group is not treated until it has to be because there is no proven benifit in doing so.

Also a high proportion of us live with a stable form that is slow developing and often may not require a treatment. We are all suspicious of paternalistic medicine and ageism but leukaemia treatments are toxic and older less fit people have fewer reserves to counter this, so it can be a good thing that your father is not being treated if his leukaemia is a more indolent chronic form. Often treatment can cause many other complications and UK treatment and management guideline may be not age related but relate to this type of treatment approach which is very hard to live with.

however i fully relate to having to constantly remind medics of the challenges and precautions required as i live myself on watch and wait for when the disease may require treating one day.

Penny Brohn are hopefully speaking at our Bristol patient meeting in September to share strategies and self help techniques to help live with this kind of diagnosis and disease as a patient and family member. I recommend you look into their support services..

Best wishes and good luck to your dad and you all with the results of this scan and investigation.

Are you in the UK?


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thank you for the info. yes we are in the uk


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