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Don't Believe Everything You Are Told - check it!!!!

I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel about people taking advice from the internet as it if is gospel - particularly when it comes to your health.

And I apply this principle to this site, any other site, professional medical sites, whatever - please, please, please, double check all information - and if it doesn't ring true, check it again.

I'm starting to be completely staggered by the amount of articles and advice which is completely incorrect. It is clear that many, many people talk on a variety of topics without investigating those issues for themselves - ie they clearly don't understand the topic they are advising on - but they manage to speak with such authority....

On a completely unrelated,and less dangerous subject than health, I give you a nice example:

A few years ago I saw articles all over the net talking about a pharaoh who was buried with over 2,000 goats. It was a copy and paste job because the same spelling mistakes appeared in all the 'different' articles. I couldn't find any info on this bloke and his goats but later saw a TV program that said either he or his goatkeeper had been buried with his favourite goat!

This morning I went to see if that article is still about. It is. I found a site by someone professing to advertise themselves as an animal specialist and offering different services. They then go on to tell me that the French word for goat is chevon. S'not, it's chevre. They then tell me that goats are bovines. At which point I start to think I'm losing my mind - they are caprine.

But if you didn't know any different you would take it as gospel.

I've seen doctors mess up and write drivel, some researchers write nonsense. Check it ALL out - even us.

This is your health we are talking about.

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