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what should i do? Im a new zealand maori living in australia. I have just found out my mum has got parkinson disease and she lives in new zealandi have read on line about pd. But i am freaking out cauz im in oz and she has no one to look after her in nz. She cant move her right side of her body. Will my mum ever get better. Or do i have to move back to nz to look after her.

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hi there, has your mum had a scan to see if she has had any strokes

my husband had one when he was first diagnosed. Medication will help with movement if she has been now been given this. Contact the Parkinsons foundation, they have field officers that visit and offer assistance.


If you email or send me a message me through this site we can put you in touch with a local field officer.


Lisa, this must be tough, being away from her right now and not being with her. I urge you to contact Parkinsons' New Zealand too, as they can offer support appropriate to yr mum, and thereby reassurance to you.


Im also a kiwi living in Aussie, my dad is in NZ and has had PD for 9 years Its horrible not being there, but definatly speak to Parkinsons NZ and the field officer.


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