Relaxation ??

What a wonderful idea this is, what better way to share our views, frustrations and support,

in this lonely journey we share.

Does anyone have any ideas for relaxing a tense tired body and mind -

So often when i really would like to be relaxed and calm i am an anxious tense mess.

Would be great to have some way of taking myself away for a few minutes and be able

to really relax.

take care!!

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  • I always enjoy a massage which helps me relax. Even a walk on the flat can help. My daughter is encouraging me to do yoga.....

  • thanks yes massage is wonderful for me it must be gentle and i do walk but

    like a lot of people especially women get into chores around the house and

    garden first which takes my strength, so must learn to balance!!

    good wishes

  • I would also agree that massage helps.

    I go to yoga twice a week and this is a good place to learn relaxation. Choose a class that is not too strenuous and tell the instructor about your condition.

  • Yes you are right - thanks and very best wishes

  • I find a hot swim or spa can be relaxing.

  • Omas

    I don't like to introduce the M word but here goes. If all else fails you could consider medication. I'm certainly not advocating it, i think the ideas above are certainly preferable but I say this only because from my reading anxiety in Parkinson's has a physiological basis just as depression does.

    This from an article " Anxiety disorders, particularly generalized anxiety, panic, and social phobia, occur in up to 40% of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). This rate is higher than in normal or other disease comparison populations. Current evidence suggests that anxiety may not be a psychological reaction to the illness but rather may be linked to specific neurobiologic processes accompanying PD"

    I think meditation could also be beneficial. All the best.

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  • hi

    massages are the best .ive gone to sleep on the table several times..

    they cost $ 60 plus.

    the best natural relaxant on earth is illegal .but if you can get hold of some

    try cannabis.

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