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My world got smaller

My handwriting

My voice

My walk

My spirit

My balance

The space in the world I take up

It crept up on me - this slowness - did,

in micro increments (those are big words for small and slow)

until it arrived with a name

And then it became BIG

And scary

And I didn’t want it

But now I had a face

A reason for the smallness

And so it became what it is

I may be smaller, slower

But I’m still me

Andy McDowell May 2010

(diagnosed with Parkinsons aged 44)

With thanks to Jeanette Gillibrand (ADHB)

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This is poignant, beautifully expressed and so true!

Small is still precious


Thank you :-)


I like this poem, glad you shared it. :-)

Big things often have small beginnings.....


Perfectly put!


Thanks Andy


I like it too....Cheers !


I read this poem in the February paper copy of Upbeat. I haven't been able to put into words just how I've been feeling since I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in July last year. This poem pefectly expressed the way I feel and touched me deeply. Thank you so much.


Thanks Daisy.. I just read your post, and it reminded that I hadn't acknowledged your appreciation. Bless you.


PS I have this poem illustrated and made into a small booklet pdf. If anyone wants it, please let me know.


I would really like a pdf copy of your illustrated poem Andy. I'm not 100% computer savvy......actually not even 50%, so could you please let me know how to go about this. Thank you : )


email me :


i sometoiimes think of pd as my own private nanoverse


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