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Parkinson's and Exercise

The theme of Parkinson's Awareness Week (1-7 November) this year is the importance of exercise for people with Parkinson's.

People with Parkinson’s often experience physical changes to their body which, over time, can lead to a forward bending posture and stiffness throughout the body in joints and muscles. These changes occur slowly and with the right sort of regular exercise you can significantly delay the onset. Regular exercise is also important to keep your mind and body healthy. Unfortunately having Parkinson’s doesn’t mean you won’t develop other health issues and staying physically active will help keep you as healthy as possible.

It is recommended that everybody with Parkinson’s has regular physiotherapy reviews and a physiotherapist can provide a tailored exercise programme which will address your specific needs. Not everyone gets the chance however so we have produced a new booklet and poster 'Keep Moving: an introduction to Parkinson's and exercise'. It gives some guidance as to the right sort of exercise for a person with Parkinson’s. It will be available after Awareness Week.

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The booklet and poster are out now see


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