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Madopar 62.5

I am taking Madopar 62.5 - 3 capsules, 4 times per day. My Neuro says that is still a small dose. In times of stress or before a game of golf, I sometimes take 4 capsules which seem to help lessen the effect of OFF time. I have no idea what the average PD person takes - I was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago.

I take my Madopar at 7am 10.30am 2pm 5.30pm. If I am out in the evening at a function, I sometimes take 4 at 5.30pm and 1 or 2 capsules about 9pm. If I am off to golf, I take 4 capsules at 7am.

What do others take? I have no tremor, but bad Bradykinesias, especially in my right hand and sometimes my left leg shakes when I am tired and sitting down. I have a lot of stiffness and back pain and do exercises every day at least once to help with this and walk for an hour 3 times per week

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I take 4x 62.5 Madopar a day plus 1x Azilect. I was Dx six years ago. I have bradykinesia and tremor.


hi, i take 6 madopar 250plus lorazepam to calm me down iwas dx 10 years ago.I got bad tremors, I can hardly type and I use apomine that is an infusion .


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