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Day 2

The shopping trip was a Success!! I got my daughter a beautiful handmade Cotten blanket and a book about Bali for the student I am tutoring in reading. I still need to get something for my son and son-in-law but I went with a wonderful driver. He told me a lot about the children and education, and how important it is to the Balinese people and to their government.

I did not go to the purification ceremony for the full moon, it was late and too much walking.

We start the two a day yoga this morning so I need to get prepped for that. we go to the women's center at Bumi Sehat. We are taking a butt load of baby clothes to the center.

I really am getting a lot out of these blog posts. I can put into writing something that is very important to me. Thank you so,much for listening and reading and for all of,your comments!!!!

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We too are getting alot out of it and enjoying it . Enjoy the yoga xx Keep on blogging x



PLZ do keep blogging

it is great that you find hte tiem adn energy to do it

lol Jill



You are our window to the world right now. Thanks!


So happy you are enjoying your trip and I love reading your blogs - keep them up please. I can see myself there through your eyes!


Don't forget a present for the most important person......YOU! Take care.


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