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What does a movement disorder have to do with the gut you might ask. And, until recently, neurologists asked the same question. What is the link between the intestinal neurotransmitter systems and the basal ganglia in the brain? Can gut function tell us something about dopamine levels in the brain? Why does gut function mirror the brain? And most importantly, is the gut an early warning system for the brain? Can simple tests of gut function predict Parkinson's ahead of motor symptoms?

All these questions and more will be answered by healthcare professionals and expert patients in the Parkinson's Movement webinar.

Tune in to at 7pm GMT 28th February 2013


Watch webinar 3 on TAKING CONTROL at

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Thank you for this info. I for one will be up for joining in this webinar after reading about the second brain in the gut in the Dec 2012 edition of ScIentific AmerIcan. I was blown away by the article which mentioned that it is widely accepted by the scientific community!

JonStamford in reply to batwing7

Then you will enjoy the webinar! Welcome!

It bears out what all the naturpaths -who are not recognised conventionally- have been saying - good digestion-good health; The scientists are taking a long time to get there!

redread in reply to hilarypeta

I have read quite a bit on keeping processed foods out of the diet as much as possible so my husband's diet for Parkinson's is all natural, with many different ingredients that supposedly help reduce inflammation, etc. I purchase primarily organic and hope that, too, will keep him healthier.


I think all disease has something to do with the gut, when nowadays we eat so much food that is mostly un natural processed, compared to what we have been eating over hundreds or thousands of years.

Even what we consider healthy stuff has usually been processed beyond what is recognisable.

Meat full of chemicals. Cereals/vegetables sprayed with God Knows what. Many Chemicals that have never been tested on humans because they reckon they are so minute in the food chain. (Scientists could not say otherwise could they?)

Even the naturepaths nowadays cannot live on truly chemical free food.

I grow much of my own summer vegetable/fruits in supposedly organic conditions, but manure which comes from a Farmyard will contain chemicals gone through an animals system.

Those chemicals are absorbed into plants during growth.

Who really knows what many Parts per million can do damage to human health?

Water the basic supporter of life, reckoned to be pure to drink, in fact contains traces of Hormones from contraceptive pills, fish found in rivers neither male or female.

When we take into consideration the drugs given to us, which may have been tested, but I dont think I have ever taken any drug which has not had some side effect. Which means in all respects it is toxic to the system, does not cure but only controls, and often the cause of more problems.

I'd better shut up, i'm ranting again, call the men in White coats.

shasha in reply to Hidden


Hokuto in reply to shasha

Human "night soil" has been used for hundreds (or thousands) of years in many places around the globe. It was the main fertilizer used here in Japan until the modern period (1868), and it is still used in a few places. It's not usually used "fresh" but after composting.

Joanne_Joyce in reply to Hidden

Your observation makes me wonder if any studies have been done on the incidence of PD in the past, especially on farms, when all foods were natural.

Hidden in reply to Joanne_Joyce

Prevalence of Parkinsons' Disease!

I hope you can open this link re incidence of PD amongst agriculural workers using pesticides it is very interesting

look at the Amish people and incidence of PD very interesting.

DeParkiePoet in reply to Hidden

That is the missing link, i think!

I sincerely believe that "Scientists" and profit motivated businesses have created a lethal cocktail of fertilizer/pesticide/medication/microwaveable/plastic toxic ooze from which we will have to re-emerge, someday. Just like last time!

I can't even breathe...

finlander in reply to Hidden

You have very aptly summarized the mess we have made for ourselves, ignorantly at first, but now with knowledge and therefore reprehensible intent.

DeParkiePoet in reply to Hidden

I love it when you rant! go on buddy rant away!

I say rant until you can't!

Danny2401 in reply to Hidden

I don't think you should shut up, I 100% agree with every word you say, in fact I honestly believe we Pd sufferers are taking a hit for mankind, we are the test mice for every sad drug they can think up, I had 6 years of madness, compulsive/impulsive behaviour my arse, I was mad, my whole being was in question, and I had to out think my madness by asking for new meds. my Neurologist didn't ask or see I had a problem, I joined a trial in London, the tests proved the Pd meds were driving us mad, the results were published in the journal Brain, who reads Brain? Alarms should have gone of, the Pd sufferers should have been warned, these drugs can drive you mad, like a junkie needs a fix, why should we have to be treated like test mice? Who cares???????????????????????

I was very ill from a mysterious digestive disorder for the entire year before my diagnosis. The gastroenterologist and neurologist diagnosed me on the same day. The PD causes my stomach to function too slowly. I take PD meds and a series of meds prescribed by the GI. To help my digestion. The one that made a real difference is a med not covered by US insurers and is custom made for by an apothecary for me. Domperidone is the name.

What does the Domperidone do for you?

Food wasn't getting past my chest. More than an antacid problem. I would also gag loudly from spasms at odd times without vomiting.. The spasms were embarrassing and energy draining. All despite already been told to use Align and omeprazole. I added the Domperdone. What a difference it has made. I was originally taking it 4times a day, but cut back to 3 because I had too many bm's( not loose) and the mediation is costly. It makes a big difference and is compatible with the Ropierole and Azelect that I take along with a myriad of other meds.

2Chrissie4 in reply to tlongmire

Domperidone can be used as an antisickness medication or it can be used to help speed up the emptying of the gut. That is what several doctors have told me so i used it regularly along with 1mg of Rasagline/Azilect once a day for my Parkinson's.

Hi, could you possibly outline the nature of your disorder, please.

Before being diagnosed I was going to the toilet frequently for abnormal bowel movements that were not normal and not loose. Mostly clear. Nausea and this kept me slim. Ropinerole has made me such a compulsive eater, that I would want to eat with the upset stomach and put on 60 lbs before the doctor cut the dose and added Azelect. The GI doctor introduced me to Domperidone.

Thank you, good luck with the DOmperidone (say it quickly and you could imagine it's a celebrated sparkling drink. ;)).

That's how I remember the name!

My comments are likely to be too long so I will write a blog on my life as it relates to PD, gut/digestion/diet & research. (If anyone's interested).

I would be. Please let me know when it's available.

I would be very interested in reading your blog after you have finished writing it. Thank you.

me too, but I'm too tired to write! smiles!

Court in reply to DeParkiePoet

Could I please see your blog. Stomach trouble and Parkinsons has, as you know, been the subject of questions on HU. I asked one such question about helibactor.


Just to double check, I am in the US on Eastern time, would that be 2:00 pm my time?

7pm gmt, 2pm et. I hope you can all join.

Thanks Jon, I look forward with pregnant anticipation!

Doctor treating me for acid reflex disorder as well as head discomfort which he says is part of PD sym.


I tried but could not view using the web address provided. You said it would be viewable at 2:00 EST. I'm in Phoenix so I tried at 12:00 MST. Was this taped for viewing at a later date? Let me know. Thanks.

the whole webinar has been taped and I will give the link once it is posted

I'm watching the webinar right now but I'm frustrated that I can't put a question or make a comment. How does one do this? In other webinars in which I have been involved participation has been part of the design. Interesting though the content is re the gut I wonder why live participation is not an option.?

We wil be doing live particpation (instead of email questions) for the next one. Also, we will have a Q&A session before then. Details to follow

Hi Jon, I watched the Webinar, and then I watched it again,it was magic [good ] I was taking notes and they were coming at me faster than I could write, I will pass on the facts,ideas ,thoughts and information to my local Pd group. [ Enfield ]. Well done. Just a point of interest. I had a duodenum peptic ulcer many years before my Pd fun started due to H Pylori [ helicobacter pylori ] and still have a really bad gut to this day. I have tried a lot of acid reflux and anti acids, I take omeprazole and far too many gaviston tablets.

Stomach and Parkinsons. This is very interesting. I had a number of bouts of Helibactor Pylori before my diagnosis of Parkinsons. Strangely enough these have vanished since then. Or at least have lessened. Although I would prefer the Helibactor to Parkinsons.

Hi Jon, the Webinars have been excellent so far but I share honeycombe 3's frustration at not being able to participate. Im glad to hear this will soon be rectified because the weakest part of the production each time has been the question and answer section.......not only have we not been able to participate but there has been a lot of distracting background noise and the filming of the interviewees has been a bit hit and miss. Sorry to be critical but hope its taken as its meant because the videos and the pre filmed discussions were far superior.

I also agree with Danny2401 about serious bouts of Helibacter Pylori before my diagnosis , one of which was some thirty years before diagnosis and the most recent was 15 yrs ago which was 12 yrs prior to diagnosis. A hiatus hernia was found to be causing antacid and reflux probs and I too lived on Gaviscon for yrs but recently have been given daily Pariet 10 mg gastro resistant tabs and they really have helped and enabled me to cut out the Gaviscon.

I believe they are on to something serious with a link being made with the gut and the potential prospect of there being non dopaminergic meds available in the next 10 yrs. makes me wish I were younger and able to benefit but Im excited for those who may benfit from them. Iwould highly recommend everyone to view this series of Webinars and this last one in particular. Many thanks to you and the team Jon...I love your chats with Tom!

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