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Hamburger Lips?

Last week I had a conversation with 3 other PWP over lunch when I bit my lower lip while chewing. For the millionth time ... or so it felt. I asked the lunch mates if any of them have had a similar post diagnosis problem. They all responded affimatively. So how about it? Have you experienced this? I don't recall seeing anything in PD literalture, do you know of any research? Would your experience lead you to believe this is PD related or not?



Bisbee, AZ

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Hi from deepest Yorkshire England. Yes my husband frequently bites the inside of his cheek. When eating and yes no one has to my knowledge mentioned this pest in research . Thanks and take care x


Yes, I stared doing this about 6months ago, I have had PD for 3yrs.




Hello from cold N. Illinois, USA. I have that problem too! I didn't ever think about it having anything to do with PD! So I haven't researched that! Very interesting!! Would like to hear if anyone has found any information on this?



Spring Grove, IL


Yes, not only the lower lip, but also the cheeks and the base of the tongue. The problem is made worse by jaw tremors which grind the tops of the teeth to sharp edges. I often wear a plastic mouthpiece at night to prevent further damage. I have always considered it as being PD related.


hi i ha ve been bitign th eisndie fo my cheek and my lip / tongue for ages and ages

is it PD OR PSP related?i do not knwo btu woudl suspec tit is liek loss fo sense of taste nd smell is

lol JIll



I have the same problem and even though i live on the top of the world (you people in USA and GB are on the bottom of the world in maps showing the true position of the populations) i still regularly bite my tongue,lip and cheek mainly on the right side but not infrequently on my left.

I think it is caused by loosing control of your ability to chew where you want and how you want. I would gamble and say mostly you are suffering from an episode of dyskensia when you take the bite!!


Usually after eating, I often notice how sore my mouth is , biting my cheek while chewing, and usually small lumps appear usually lower cheek area and base of tongue. I dont know if they are blisters or what, but they enlarge after a while then dissapear.

One of the reasons I stick to a mainly porridge diet is because chewing and swallowing can be difficult.


Agree. All these extras we get are bothersome and play against each other. My PD makes eating difficult, therefore I sometimes chew gum to manipoulate my jaw, and presto--ouch. What's that? I bit my lip, tongue, cheek again. So it's soup with bits of chicken I'll eat, what, I cannot manipulate these battling textures and sixes of food in one bie, and I choke. Pooey. Here's to drinking--no, no booze--i can't do that anymore. I have lost weight and look better in my clothes. I knew if I tried hard enough I'd find a positive note.


LOL... great to see that in the midst of all this you can put some humor into it. I commend you... KEEP UP IN GREAT SPIRIT... IT SURE HELPS!!!


Yes, and the injury usually develops a cold sore :P owie


Don't know if this the same but when i had my accident last year i bit my lip really bad and now when i'm sleeping i tend to bite it in my sleep. i could due without the extras PD has to share.


I have been biting my tongue for about two months a couple of times a day, I was diagnosed with PD 1 1/2

years ago. I stared getting canker sores that were brought on by stress and a combination of meds. The canker sores have been rough to get rid of and the tongue biting is no walk in the park either. With me the tongue biting is like an involuntary movement and at times is really painful especially when its hard enough to draw blood. Has anyone had luck with their doctor treating this?


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