I was diagnosed with PD 6 yrs ago. Have several distinct symptoms of PD. Yet, have VERY little rigidity. I'm of the impression that rigidity is the central major symptom of PD. Wondering what it means to have most other symptoms but lack rigidity. My symptoms include tremors with pin rolling, severe balance diffculties, severe cognitive deficiencies in the area of executive functioning, burning & stabbing pain down left side of my body, little reflex response, impaired sense of smell, cramping of toes & legs, numbness in feet & hands, micrograghia, tendency to shuffle and stoop when walking, perceptual coordination difficulties, and swallowing issues. Does anyone know what lack of significant rigidity may indicate? Or do you have any experience with or ideas about this phenomenon?

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  • my doc told me that not everyone will experience all the symptoms or that they may appear later on in the disease. for example i dont have any tremors. be thankful you dont have the rigidity bec no matter what you do you cant get comfortable until it temporarily goes away when meds are working.

  • My husband does not have rigidity but has many of the symptoms you have like loss of smell tremor, micrographia, the stoop and shuffle when his meds are wearing off, and loss of smell. He complains of pain but because of his cognitive issues, he has difficulty explaining where it is and how bad it is. He has been on a B complex vitamin for over a year now and his sensory neuropathy seems a bit better. I have to do all the planning and household tasks because he has trouble often.

  • I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. Have some symptoms of PD. I have tremors, major balance issues, burning & stabbing pain down left side, low reflex response, zero sense of smell, cramping of feet & legs, numbness in feet & hands, almost constant shuffle and stoop when walking, and swallowing is sometimes a problem.

    I have the added problem of 2 protruding discs in my neck that are displacing the spinal cord, so numbness of the fingers or pain in my limbs and neck could be caused by either.

    I am beginning to recognise them apart from each other by the way they react when I vary my med routine by abouy 25% of their due time.

    Mind you, with all the above, my nickname is still "Lucky" (I wish!!!)


  • And I missed the "Fumbly Fingers" and atrocious handwriting.

  • My main symptom is a tremor in my right side. I do also have a loss of the sense of smell. I have been told that every case of Parkinsons is different and that I am unlikely to develop ridgity. I also suffer leg cramps and back pain. I don't think we can measure our symptoms to those of other people, as we are each unique, but do share some symptoms.

  • Hi I have had PD for over 20 years with rigidity just about the whole time but no tremor so it is perfectly "normal" to have some symptons but not others. It seems we are all in the same boat

    but unique if you know what I mean. Good luck and try and make the best of it!!

  • It took 10 years before I felt rigidity... Don't you have enough symptoms?

  • I think with Parkinsons there seems as many different problems as there are people who have it. It seems to me one symptom can go over night and be replaced with another.

    Who said Variety was the spice of life?

  • I hear you there! Another saying is "You never know what the next day will bring", so "count your blessings while you can!"

  • Have you watched the latest video on Parkinsons Movement. Interesting comment from Jon Stamford on the greatest misconception about Parkinsons - is it a primarily a movement disorder?

    You can find it by clicking on the link 'visit our website' uner the Parkinsons Movement logo. The video is three inspiring people talking about PM and Parkinsons. I think it is great.

  • talking to the people in my PD dance classes, we've come to the conclusion: Designer Disease :D

  • Good morning I can tell you since I started my meds I also have little Rigidy. everyone is differant



  • LOL

  • The LOL is in response to MagicMax.

  • Thanks to all for your responses.

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