Paul Linden - Aikido master with PD

Yesterday I met with a PWP from Ohio, a wonderful man called Paul Linden. He is an Aikido master and also teaches people how to deal with stress and trauma. He doesn't particularly work with PWP but i promised that I would spread his word. Here's a youtube video of him...

This is his website which has a free e-book you can dowloads. He does not make any claims to heal PD, but I believe he has the skills to make it much more bearable, and to reduce stress which as we all know is a huge trigger for making symptoms worse.


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  • Thanks. I'm lookiing forward checking it out!

  • Thank you !!!



  • Thanks I'll take a look.

  • That's good knowing that someone else with PD takes up martial arts. I have been taking tae kwon do now close to 2 yrs. I am currently a red/black belt and have one more belt to go before I take my black belt test this coming Nov. or next year in May. I was diagnosed with PD 8 yrs ago with initial symptoms noticesable at least 2 yrs prior to my diagnosis. I have advance PD with moderate degree of symptoms which is relieved by 3 PD meds. This relief affords me enough time[~ 3-4 hrs] to practice tkd 2 or 3 times a week to include some occasional full contact sparring. I love the martial arts ever since I was a child. My 12 yr old son who has a deputy black-red belt takes classes too. For the most part I do well as long as my symptoms are under control. I have to take my meds at least 1 to 11/2 hrs before going to our do jang. There are some kicks which I still find difficult to master largely due to balance problems but for the most part I am able to execute most other kicks and maneuvers without difficulties. I am 52 yrs old and I find that this form of training has helped with to some extent. I do experience a lot of difficulties with FOG and rigidity and slowness once I'm in the "off" state or meds wearing off especially in the AM's but also at the end of the 3-4hrs of "on" time. But overall I do have to say that any form of execise is definitely helpful in some respects and beneficial as well than no exercise at all even if you have PD.

  • Hey, I've worked with Paul before for my CD. He truly is a fantastic guy! Have you had any sessions with him? If so, how did they go?

  • Thank you very much for this post!

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