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PD and Botox in Urethra

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On Wednesday, my pwp was given a Botox A injection into his urethra to stop spastic urine out put. Has anyone received this treatment? If this doesn’t work out, doctor is recommending implanting catheter in his navel which will collect urine and the port changed out monthly by a nurse.

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No he did not have a Botox injection "into his urethra". Botox is injected into the bladder muscle which is accessed via the urethra using a cystoscope.

There are also medications to remedy an overactive bladder.

A catheter through the wall of the bladder is a measure used when someone has a failed urethra or related problem. This is a questionable idea for someone with an intact urinary system as it is prone to infection.

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mannp in reply to park_bear

My brother had a Supra pubic catheter while being treated for colorectal cancer. There was nothing wrong with his urinary tract. Just our experience.

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My mother is trying the Botox for her incontinence and so far it has worked for her. She got her first one in December 2021 that lasted for 5 months. She was able to control her incontinence a lot better. We are on the list to do it again this July. It has helped her a lot and they are going to up the Botox injection this next time. They tell you after it’s done to use the bathroom every hour or try to which is an important part. I looked up and researched the procedure more people have a positive experience than most however their is the few that don’t do with anything you do researching the bad and good is helpful to know what your up against. My mom never got a urinary infection and hers was very beneficial for her to hold instead of not being able to hold her urine. Hope this helps. By the way they started her out on a lower Botox injection and they are upping it a little this next time in July. Hoping it lasts longer. This first time lasted about 5 months.

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Haven't tried Botox, but believe it or not, Super Beta Prostate is helping more than the RX medications.

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Redginger in reply to House2

Thank you for sharing this info. How long do you think we should try, or how many bottles do you think we should use of the Super Beta Prostate to see if it can help? I see a bottle should last 30 days.

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I noticed a difference within 2 weeks, I'm starting on my 3rd bottle. I still go more often than i like, but much less with no "accidents" I've pretty much stopped taking oxybutynin.

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It’s called a Suprapubic catheter and it goes in through the abdomen, below the belly button,directly into the bladder. My mom had one put in after years of serious bladder problems and while it’s been an improvement it’s not without issues.

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Hubby had it done last February (bladder injections) It worked too well one day and he had a really full bladder and couldn’t pee. We had to do intermittent catheters for a few days but then he went back to mostly the way he was before (incontinent) but with slightly better urine retention.

He uses a condom catheter a lot of the time. I highly recommend this option! This is much safer than the Supra pubic permanent catheter. Almost no infections. You just have to be able to put the condom on.

Have to decide whether it did enough good to have another round in a few weeks. Maybe we will try it again.

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