Costa Rica here I come

Today is the day we depart for my son's destination wedding in CR. I'm moderately terrified but I'm more afraid of staying home alone letting my world shrink around me and the shame of not participating in a family milestone. I definitely feel more relaxed after my c-l dopa plus atavan which I plan on alternating through the trip.

I think I can deal with most of it except for the high heat and humidity which has a feel like index of 105+ meaning I'll spend most of my time indoors. All 3 of the places we are staying have internet connections so forgive me if I lean on this site for support.... I have found it very helpful to date.

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  • go and enjoy a break from it will be ok...who knows maybe your symptoms will be less never know. But you do know that stress makes them what does that tell you....relax and are a person to wanting to enjoy do it...don't hide....

  • Enjoy every minutie of what you can, its a once in a lifetime celebration that may not happen again, some for the grandchildren to be told about . the very best of luck to you, and congratulations to the happy couple x

  • Have a great time. We have been to San Juan as one destination on a cruise. It is a bit warm though but air con everywhere. Lots of old Yankee cars as well. Very different from most west indies islands. Being a Brit nearly got caught out crossing a road because they drive on the "wrong" side of the road!

  • Glad to see that you are going to attend the wedding. Enjoy it. Remember drink a "sports drink" at least one a day.

    Some we Aussies say - Go for it, mate, you have everything going for you"

    Looking forward to your report on the wedding.

  • Have an awesome time!! Enjoy yourself and get someone to take pictures.

  • Have a great time - in Egypt the heat (but no humidity) meant just lounged around - but it did mean I relaxed. Your family should be very proud of you (and you should give yourself a pat on the back) for over coming your fears and appreciate that you are there with them in body as well as spirit. Hope you make it to the ceremony - another accomplishment - and enjoy your anniversary later.

  • Just be prepared for some stress and what it can do to your PD. otherwise un Costa Rica they have a saying......."Pura Vida"!!!!

    Enjoy the wedding and your family.

  • Yes, take it one day (one minute?) at a time. If you or someone takes lots of pictures, you will be able to revisit without the stress and panic which one hopes will be minimal. You'll be able to say whew we did it.

  • Enjoy a cold and frosty drink (just one would be so enjoyable), walk/swim in the pool and enjoy the evening stars with your loved ones. Make wonderful memories!

  • Have a wonderful time and enjoy this happy occasion.

  • Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm here and it is hot and swampy. Looks like I'm in doors. I managed to travel with just 3 .5 atavans. A year ago I was traveling with no problems. Deterioration sucks!


    glad you made it

  • Have a great time and have a Happy Anniversary. Glad you made it safely and it seems with less stress than you thought---that's wonderful. ENJOY!

  • Lean away!! We can handle it with a hand tied behind our backs.... that doesn't work, does it, but it is good for a chuckle. Just try to create a visual ... us all over the planet bracing ourselves and having a hand behind our backs. I never did graduate from childhood absurd humor.

    Here's one from middle school:

    A 90 yeaar old woman decides she does not want to live anymore. She goes to her MD and asks for the location of her heart. Doc replies"it is located 2 inches below the left breast." The woman goes home, gets out her pistol and shoots off her knee cap! LOL

  • I hope you have a great time!! You are very brave and we are all proud of you!! I will look forward to seeing your posts from your destination!! You will be so happy you didn't miss the wedding!! I'm sure of it!! You know you may be surprised and have a great time with your wife after the wedding!! LOL!! You stay out of heat!! I'm sure it wouldn't help with the meds you are on. God Bless you and stay strong and deal with just one day at a time. You can do this!! ;-) Mary

  • Hi well done!

    I am going , I hope to the christening of my partner,s youngest grandchild next weekend

    Onlyn2 hours Max's drive away but my partner tends to think I will not cope with it

    My outfit is packed up somewhere in hthe new apart and may not be revealed in time

    lol Jill


  • Hi Etterus,

    How's Costa Rica - you must let us know. Is your air conditioning working, what's the view like? When's the actual wedding? I know your last blog said you'd travelled a year ago without meds and , yes , deterioration sucks - but you accomplished the journey this year when initially you thought you couldn't. So be very proud of yourself - and make sure your family appreciate the efforts you have made! Good luck for the rest of your stay.

  • Thanks for all the interest.. it´s been tough. the only ac is in my room. No lobby restaurant or lounge AC. Wlaking has been limited to laps in the bedroom. " days till we change to a different wedding hotel on the beach..... hopefully cooler.

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