Right now i am so pixxxxx off its not true not only having to put up with this annoying debilitating affliction members of my family dying in front of me 3 friends dying a partner with a solid wall around her an ex wife who is dragging all the crap she can find up( WEVE BEEN DIVORCED 14YRS)& body that is sensitive to most drugs .Ive just had two mormon "Gentlemen" preaching the word & aheart attack scare yesterday oh & the dvla want me to take amedical to get my drivers licence .IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE??????? IFSO TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE PLEASE!

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  • Hi! don't recall seeing your name on this blog before but am certainly sorry to hear what you are going through. It does seem that when the PD is about at its worst, everything else comes down on you. And you have done the right thing in telling us about your grief. That is what we are here for - to help one another through the rough spots. Think of yourself right now and concentrate on what you can change. The deaths you can do nothing about except mourn and remember the people who affected your life. It's not easy losing loved ones. But you are confronted with two live influences, which can be hell. And for those, you have my total sympathy. Any way to distance yourself from the ex-wife? After 14 years, she obviously knows what buttons to push and is doing a good job of it. The intrusion of outsiders trying to push their religious beliefs on you is easy - just close the door. The heart attack scare is not to be ignored. Have you spoken with your health care provider? What meds are you on for PD? You said you are sensitive to most drugs. Is your doc still trying to find a combination which will help you? That certainly will make a difference whether or not a drivers license can be obtained. In the state of WA where I live, one cannot get a drivers license if taking meds which affect your driving ability - it's considered a DUI. Under the Influence means just that here - whether it's drugs or alcohol. There is nothing wrong with my driving ability - it is my reaction time to other people's driving mistakes. As for your current partner and the "wall", this is something many people who write on this blog experience. Perhaps one of them will answer that and how they deal with it. It's fortunately not in my experience, so I really don't know how to suggest

    you handle that one. But I hope I have been of some comfort to you and haven't asked too many personal questions. Please know that hundreds, if not thousands, of us are here to listen and help in anyway we can. Good luck to you.

  • That was very nice of you and very well put...good job...

  • I know, I got boiled at my ex for being an jerk. Big jerk!!! I was so mad that I went down to NM to clean up the mess he'd left on my property and found he'd left tools, furniture,and a dirty, filty house so I made a yardsale/shopsale sign and sold enerything or had it hauled away. Suddenly all the years of stress putting up with a drunken jerk went away. Sometimes breaking things helps. You need to get rid of the stress or it'll kill you. Be cool dude. I'm worried about you.

  • Life just plain 'n simple "sucks" sometimes......Try to relieve stress by doing deep breathing it, I'm sure you may be able to find something that helps.

    I don't mean to say it'll do the trick....but it "can't hurt".

    Take care Dave, and if you need to "blow off" the stress.....we're here for ya guy!...........(In the meantime I'll talk to "the boss" upstairs about helping you de-stress.)

  • The above comments are really good, especially those by JennyR. You seem to be in a really bad place at the moment and I know to say that most of us have been there will be of no help to you. You need to get advice about your suspected heart attack, if you have not already done so. I suffer from chest pains but a heart scan did not throw up any problems so they have been put down to stress, which you are obviously suffering from at the moment. But please get it checked.

    Are you new to the site? Now you have found us, things will get better. You can let off as much steam as you like and someone will always be there for you. Try to sort one problem out at a time, you can do this and when your stress levels are more under control, hopefully your Parkinsons symptoms will level out.

    Take care and don't let the bu**ers get you down. You are stronger than you know.

  • We all seem to hit those bumps in the rod and have tough times to get through...and to top it all off with medical issues sur doesn't help a thing, but it is good to talk about it...know what one is facing or at least to know where the trouble spots are with personal issues...I have not see your name here before but am glad that you found's a good group of friendly understanding people....Let us know how you are doing....Casey in NH

  • Bette Davis said it best, "Getting old aint for sissies." I know what you are going through. Everyone on my fathers side died of heart failure at age 59. All of his three sisters and him. I was diagnosed at 54 with PD. That was 12 years ago.

    Now I fear I will be curesed with longevity. LOL.

  • thank you all for the concern & advice the suspected heart attack turned out to be a false alarm caused by stress & anxiety & adverse reaction to up grading my meds i have a wonderful specialist nurse who called to see me today alot of the blog was just sounding off ive been on this site now for a few months

  • hi daveyno9! I HEAR you. The "blessing" of having 4 kids before age 24 means they are aging with me. I lost 2 dear friends the past year, one 42 and one 51, I can't get over it. Meanwhile my kids want to rant about each other--I don't want to hear it. I had to say 'this conversation is giving me a stomach ache'-- it really was. I feel like my late ex (AKA latex) husband is reaching out from beyond to rattle our cage. I pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again. :D Glad for the help you're getting. We deserve it!

  • My prayer to my God for you whatever you believe in I feel sorry for all your troubles . take care

  • So sorry to hear of your troubles buddy, hang in there, stay strong...and dont forget you`ve got us on here for help and a few laughs to keep spirits up :-D

    All the very best :-)


  • Stress seems to make my PD symptoms worse so I tell people to leave me alone for awhile because they are making me feel bad physically. If they don't leave me alone, I leave. Can't let them \ others take away quality of life. My ex-husband did that for too many years, gave him the feeling of power, now it's my turn and I love it. We all feel some of your pain! Hope things are looking up for you now, even if just a little knowing that others care.

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