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Dont give up on things you enjoy

Many people have asked me, “who is the good looking guy in your photo and how does he keep his complexion so fresh”?

It is of course my old mate Dave the Carp. Dave tells me he doesn’t moisturise as he is one of those lucky to have perfect skin and also to live in a lake with a pH of 7.2.

For those not as fortunate, Dave recommends a diet of bloodworm and aquatic invertebrates (available from all good pet stores). He keeps his figure by regular exercise (he recommends swimming) and avoiding bread as he finds it goes straight on to his fins.

I first met Dave on a visit to my friends Viv and Steve who own the lake Dave lives in (Viv has PD too). I met Dave after a friendly tug of war before breakfast after which he insisted on a photograph, as being held by a human is the carp equivalent of swimming with dolphins. Some carp believe that humans are actually as intelligent as carp; I am not so sure I believe that. Bream yes, definitely, perhaps the odd perch.

I am looking forward to seeing Dave again soon as it is his 21st birthday (Key to the door, do fish have doors? Goldfish have castles so maybe). I have made a cake for him and I am hoping to meet more of his family too. In particular his great aunt Jemima, Dave ever the practical joker says I should put a hook in her cake and pull the old rascal out. Reminds me of the old game we used to play, push granny into the canal, before political correctness stopped it. I suspect she may not have the teeth for cake and like most elderly folk will resort to sucking on a loaf.

Whatever happens I will enjoy myself pursuing those carp with rod and line as that’s my hobby.

That’s the message; don’t give up on anything you enjoy because of PD.

There is always away round any difficult you may encounter and if you don’t want to lose it use it.

Anyone willing to correspond with Dave can email him at

Unfortunately Dave can’t always reply as he may be out.


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Enjoyed this. Thanks. :)


Brilliant thanks.


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