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Using Faba bean sprouts for Parkinson's Disease


Hi everyone. I am attaching a link for a video I have made about how we grow, store, and use faba bean sprouts for Parkinson's Disease.

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Really interesting. thanks for sharing. I will try this

I would love to hear how it goes for you. 🙂

This is very helpful. Thank you for such clear instructions.

Thanks for sharing. I will try this.

thank you for sharing this. How can I find out more about the benefits of different kinds of sprouts for PD?

Hello Redginger. I don't know how to get more information about other suits of sprouts for PD apart from googling the question. I was alerted to the benefits of Faba bean sprouts by this article.

I would think most sprouts would be beneficial to health.

Jeanette, Thank you for the link. The article was very interesting. Sounds like they tested green peas and green beans but these did not give the L-dopa and C-dopa that Fava did; is that the way you understood it? Perhaps I should seek out some Fava beans. I have gotten them once years ago, but they aren't easily found here.

Jeanette, I've found "naturally blanched skinless" fava beans; they wouldn't work, would they?

No they wouldn't germinate. And yes our interpretation of the article is the same. I hope you can find some whole dried Faba (fava) beans where you live. I don't know if the place I ordered them from would send internationally. Where do you live?

I have contacted the place where I get my Faba beans, but they only post within Australia. I hope you can source some.

Janet please where to buy in Australia

This is where I get mine....

Are you in australia

Here's an Amazon link for organic fava beans. There are several sources if you search Google. Only dried beans will sprout.

Thank you! 🙂

So can we sprout them indoors over winter?

Yes. They would probably sprout more slowly if the temperature is very cold. I have always sprouted mine indoors. We live in South Australia in a temperate climate.

Thank you Jeanette

in reply to hanifag

Do they deliver to usa

No, unfortunately they only sell within Australia. There was a comment in this thread suggesting Amazon. Maybe you could get some through them? Good luck! 🙂

Que cantidad de brotes de vicia faba tomas al día?

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