Travel Worries!!

I was diagnosed Aug. 2009, hard to believe almost 3 years have flown by.

This next week I will be traveling 300 miles to a managers meeting. I am already getting anxious and panicky about the trip and meetings! I do not travel well and I'm scared of having a panic attack. On occasion my husband has had to stop the car so I could get out! Seat belt really does a number on me..I have , what I call....a come apart! Please, Lord, give me calm!!

Has anyone else experienced this, or am I the weird one??

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  • Hi Penney. I now live in Scotland but for many years lived in Leics. It is 400 miles one way to visit old friends and I get panic attacks when in a car. I was prescribed diazapam by my GP for the attacks. They act very quickly although they make you a bit sleepy but on the journey this can be a benefit. It has a secondary advantage - it is used as a muscle relaxent as well. GP's are sometimes reluctant to prescrbe this as they are habit forming. Well, as far as I am aware, all meds for Parkinson's are habit forming so there you go. By the by diazapam used to be called vallium. Food for thought.

  • In the last 3- 4 months I too have developed travel anxiety, mainly fear of flying. My son is planning a destination wedding in Costa Rica in May. I am dreading it. My wife has extended the trip and will be devastated if I don't go.... so will the rest of my family. What dose if diazapam works the best without affecting balance?

  • That is a very good question. As said many times we are all different but I take 2 x 2mg before travelling. I was prescribed diazapam 10 years ago before i was diagnosed with PD (nine years ago). We went to Barbados 2 years ago for friends wedding and I took 2 x 2mg before the flight. Slept most of the way and was very relaxed. I would suggest that if you can get your GP to prescribe these then you can experiment, in a cautious way, to see what effect good or otherwise they have but please go by what your GP considers the correct dosage. Hope this helps

  • Hi Penny,

    I have suffered from panic and anxiety attacks for years. I have been prescribed both Ativan and Xanax through the years to treat the attacks. I never leave home for travel or any other outing without a pill because I don't know when I might have an attack.

    We traveled to Panama from AZ in November and to Cancun in January and I did very well. My advice is to carry a small bag (or a large purse) containing anything you may need in an emergency. My little black bag has everything I need and keeps me from stressing out.

  • Hi Penny,

    I too suffer from extreme anxiety regarding travel.....all since my PD started.

    I now take Xanax which really does help. I also keep all my necessary meds ( a weeks worth) with me at all times. I still keep my travel to a minimum and haven't planned any trips longer than 10 days. That seems to be my comfort zone.

    Hope this helps.

  • Sunday greetings from western NY state----will be 6 yrs next month since PD became a intregral part of my life----worked 4.5 yrs with it (now retired), up until recently took roadtrips by myself (a wonderful man came into my life after 15 yrs on my own). My youngest daughter lives in Switzerland and is getting married in Italy 8/4-----unfortunately my fiancee will not be traveling with me----suffered a traumatic experience in VietNam and has nitemares almost nightly---I am taking notes on suggestions being made re:traveling with PD.

  • Thanks to all of you! I survived!!! LOL!

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