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Interesting Similarity to PD

I was doing some researching on the internet and found something called "Wilson's Disease" and it has a lot of similarities to PD. Has anyone heard of it? I know some of you wonder if you have PD or something else...

Wison Disease

Copper accumulation in the brain can cause symptoms such as:

memory, speech, or vision impairment

abnormal walking




clumsiness with hands

personality changes

changes in mood


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my neuro mentioned it, but alas I didn't have it even though my hair test showed loads of copper(-hair test not done by neuro who scoffed when I told him). I think it presents much younger and also there are often copper coloured rings around the iris.

To reduce copper you take zinc (or eat red meat) but I don't know how easy it is to get out of the brain.


how did you do a hair test? A medical lab? Did your GP order the test? Thanks!


I see an integrative GP who ordered the hair test as well as blood and poop tests and liver function tests.

When I mentioned the hair test to the neuro - a very earnest man - he shook his head sadly and said they were just bunkum. He got a little excited when I said I was taking zinc to lower my copper, and said the last thing we need is a copper deficiency!

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That is one of the first test my Doctor gave to me so it could be ruled out.

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One of my son's integrative doctors had done a hair test, however, when I mentioned it later to another integrative physician he replied that he no longer does this test.

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interesting, did a hair analysis, copper was thru the roof. dx'ed with pd 3 yrs ago, taking zinc for a year now to counter copper, no improvement in pd

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Wilson disease is caused by an inherited autosomal recessive mutation, or change, in the ATP7B gene. There is no need to guess based on similar can get tested for that gene. There are hundreds of diseases with similar symptoms because many affect the same body parts, particularly the central nervous system.

If you look up the major metabolic diseases, you will see much of the same communality....that doesn’t mean you have all of them.

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