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My husband has just turned 75 and has Parkinson's and in Australia you need a medical certificate to get a license after 75

When he was at the doctors and he was having an eye test for certificate he couldn't see out of 1 eye when covering the second eye on both sides and when he didn't cover them he could see very clearly

Has anyone else had a problem

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I have a scar on my left cornea, so vision is very bad. Even with glasses, only 20-40 with bad astigmatism. When i take driver's eye test there is a machine that you look into with three columns of letters. Left one is left eye only. Right one is right eye only. Middle is both. In my case, the left column is blank as my brain suppresses the left eye picture rather than superimpose it over the right, deteriorating the total picture. To fix this, i talk to myself, asking my brain to show me the left column. Within 30 seconds or so it comes up. You might check to see if this can work for you.


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