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PD subgroups and subtypes : Early Weight Loss


In PwP, weight loss, weight gain, and no significant change in weight

represent a subgrouping. For a year or so before my dx as having PD

(late 2011), I was losing

weight, despite eating well. I lost 40% of my weight. Occasionally,

an acquaintance would ask if I was OK, did I have cancer? (I did

not.) In 2013, a study provided insight and prompted me into

reading locus coeruleus studies.

"CONCLUSIONS: In PD degeneration of noradrenergic neurons, in

particular of the LC, may be required to observe side effects

unrelated to motor symptoms such as body weight deregulation. Our

results support the notion that the LC may be important in

maintaining the activity of the nigrostriatal dopamine pathways, and

thus play a crucial role in weight variation in a PD."

Locus Coeruleus Is Involved in Weight Loss in a Rat Model of

Parkinson's Disease.


Since then, several studies have described weight-loss subtypes in


For instance:

Early Weight Loss With Parkinson's May Be Red Flag; Researchers

suspect this could indicate worse form of disease.


Weight Change Is a Characteristic Non-Motor Symptom in Drug-Naïve

Parkinson's Disease Patients with Non-Tremor Dominant Subtype: A

Nation-Wide Observational Study.


Rethinking energy in parkinsonian motor symptoms: a potential role

for neural metabolic deficits.


Mechanisms of body weight fluctuations in Parkinson's disease.


Early weight loss in Parkinson's disease patients may signify more

serious form of disease.


Weight Loss and Impact on Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease.


Neuronal loss is greater in the locus coeruleus than nucleus basalis

and substantia nigra in Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases.


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Did you put any weight back on when you started taking meds? (If you do).

aspergerian in reply to Astra7

My weight has remained low. Pd meds haven't changed that. C/,L 25/100, amantadine, ropinerole, Mucuna. I eat well and don't skimp. Three squares each day, plus snacks. Days are regimented, meals, meds on schedule.