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Free consultations about PD anywhere in the world

I have founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation to make it possible for me to consult for free with Parkinson's People all over the world and to bring my non-medication treatment approach to Parkinson's disease to the country of Uganda.

I'm ready to receive calls from anyone any where in the world to discuss how to reprogram the bodymind. My main PD website is

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Love some of Dr. Hageseth's summaries of his podcasts - having a diagnose of PD "It’s like walking into a theater in the middle of a black and white movie and you don’t have a clue what it’s about" or "there is only one person who can make your PD better. Who’s that, you ask? It’s not your neurologist, your alternative healer, or your care partner. No. The only person who can improve your PD is YOU! " - can't wait to listen to them!


And our creator's so

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