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Best chair for PD


I don't think this subject has been covered and I appreciate all responses and suggestions !

I have been diagnosed 6 years ago. Movements difficulties, anxiety, no tremors, back pain, and more ....

When I am at my desk working - I am a bookkeeper, secretary for my husband who is a contractor since 1984 - seating safely has been a concern ! To seat the right way I need to reach the back with my back, most of the time this moves my chair backward rolling away to the risk of seating on nothing or falling..,hard to explain... then moving from desk to file cabinets takes effort in my legs and back and many times I cannot do it!

When I am at the dining table ,in a regular chair having difficulties sitting comfortable is daily !

I have done some research , I think I have found what I need but cannot afford the Vela Tango chair

Any suggestions?

Thank you


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hello Bouffere85

First thing i suggest is to try to improve your self before you buy a chair. If you do not exercise or exercise but not a lot start by increasing your strength. I suggest if you are able to exercise is to start walking a couple miles a day or start going to a gym. I too had a lot of trouble sitting but after doing Crossfit for a few months siting was no problem.


I agree and EXERCISES is my theory : weekly 5 hrs regular walk + 2 hrs Yoga class + 3 hrs exercises for PD class

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I agree, a full-body strengthening and toning program is fundamental. Especially important is enhancing and maintaining core strength.

But with PD and advancing age you likely have personal weaknesses and needs. Identify your special needs and try to design your exercise program to address them. I have found that when I am "on" and when my muscles are warmed up, then I can rather easily do some things that are very difficult for me at other times. Things that are usually not mentioned in "gym programs".

For me, getting up from a low chair is often challenging, especially if there are no arms and I have been sitting for a while. I find that I can do this more easily during my exercise program. What exercise can provide is strength and retraining of the neuro-muscular communication system to perform routine tasks, which have become challenging.

So, near the end of each workout, I repeatedly sit ( slowly and under control) and rise smoothly from a low bench, with my arms across my chest. No weights, but 10 or more repetitions, until I am fatigued. This routine has significantly improved my ability to rise from chairs throughout the day.

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I spend a lot of time at the computer sitting. I have found that having several different chairs available helps, and also not being afraid to modify them with more or less cushioning, height and tilt. I have 2 different office chairs and also a recliner I switch among.

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Hello & welcome,

I see you are in USA so my recommendations may not apply. Around 5 years ago I bought a chair made by a company called VARIER in Scandinavia. It is one of several ranges that they make - all with posture & back care in mind. The are not sold as specially for health purposes as they are interesting, quirky pieces of furniture. The best known chairs & stools here in UK are the Balans range many of which are designed for the office environment. I have a Varier Gravity chair which is a rocker/ recliner in which you can rest with your feet above your head. I recently slept in mine for 5 consecutive nights due to back & joint pain from PD. In its most forward position you can sit & work at a desk as I am now. It has a wooden frame upholstered on the arms, back & seat.The shop price was £1800 but I bought mine in a sale for £1400. It is one of the best investments I have made.


I think the ball chair (on the same page) is really good for posture and great for my back in particular. If balance isn't an issue you could try sitting on a Swiss ball before splashing out for the chair version.


If u have a physical therapist or can consult one, I believe you can get some good suggestions as to how to alter your posture in the chairs you do have.


Thank you all for taking the time to respond.


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