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Pardon me while I boast. My 14 yr old granddaughter has been selected to play at Carnegie Hall in June. My daughter and I will accompany her. At 68 I've been blessed to have travelled abroad many times. However three years into Parky I'm a little anxious about the flight from California to New York. We will be a part of a tour group staying a week. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!😊blessings PWP Persons with Purpose

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  • It doesn't get any better. Enjoy!

  • I travel quite a bit from IN to CA & back. I usually have a little more fatigue and I usually have to take an extra dose or two of meds when I go out there due to the 3 hr time change. Congratulations on such a talented granddaughter!

  • I travel regularly from the East Coast to LA to visit family. Jet lag is way worse west to east. Additionally, although I don't know why, since my dx I am more prone to picking up a bad cold after these trips. Can you build in ample rest time upon arrival, use airborne, and move around the cabin during your flights?

  • wow congratulations to your granddaughter and good luck with the flight. Enjoy

  • Depends can come in handy if you have issues that way.

  • Hydrate, rest, adhere to exact medication times, remain eating healthy, take it all in stride, compression socks and be patient with yourself. I've traveled overseas and flown several times since my diagnosis. I just leave myself more time now which allows for less stress. I leave earlier. Your body will tell you when you take it easy. I always found more water helped. Always keep to your med schedule and eat as normally as possible. I too take an extra dose of sinemet if needed after dinner because fatigue can affect my gait. You will be fine. This is a joyous trip so put that anxiety aside! It's going to be fabulous.

  • I continue to travel rather frequently as part of my scientific consulting, both domestically and internationally. Please do not be shy about voicing your limitations to the airline when you purchase your ticket. Mine include difficulty in standing in long lines (for me, prolonged standing is worse than walking), walking hurriedly to make tight connections in large airports lugging carry-on's (you can never know if the connection is at adjacent gates or in a distant terminal), and needing extra time to board. Please accept the following suggestions as prudent preparation for unexpected disruptions, and not as a reason to avoid travel.

    Even though I am able to walk short distances and to board the plane by myself, I ask for a wheelchair. It should be provided (1) from check-in through security and to the gate, (2) for each connecting flight, and (3) from the arrival gate through baggage claim to the street. Let the carrier and the airport staff know if you can board the plane by yourself or if you need assistance on and off the plane. Request early boarding. I ask for an aisle seat, because I get stiff on a long flight and it is hard for me to crawl out of a window seat. The major carriers are ready to comply. If a carrier is unable to accommodate you, consider changing carriers.

    The people who push wheelchairs are not at the top of the financial ladder or the salary ladder. I have usually found them to be pleasant and helpful. If you are able, and especially if they have provided special of prolonged service, consider a generous tip.

    Be risk adverse. Luggage does not always make it with you. Pack a few days supply of your meds in your carry-on, just in case..... Also, baggage occasionally gets lost permanently. If you anticipate an expended stay, have a plan to obtain new meds in case of an emergency. Is hospitalization a possibility? If you have special information, items, whatever for hospitalization at home, it is wise to have it all with you on the road (for any kind of over night travel). You probably have a better support system at home than you will find in a strange city.

    Traveling can be tiring. It may take longer to adjust to time changes. Try not to arrive at the last minute before planned strenuous activities. I try to arrive a day or two before the scheduled activities begin and to arrive home with a similar buffer. You not only have to contend with PD, you may also be a few years older than the last time you traveled. Admit it!

    If you have flexibility, do not challenge the fates. Try to avoid travel near major holidays, and when bad weather is likely (all winter for northern airports, both as your destination and for your connections).

    Travel can still be a lot of fun, especially if special people are at the destination.

  • Congratulations, that is wonderful. I fly fairly often from Seattle to Baltimore (long trip). Pre-board so you don't have to stand on the jetway and schedule a wheel chair if there are long distances on either end of your flight(s). You do this when you book your ticket or call the airline. You don't have to use it, but it will also save you from a long security line. The lavatory can also be a challenge because they are so small. Try to use it when you are feeling "on."

  • Use the wheelchair service provided by the will save energy. Try melatonin several days ahead to adjust your body to time change (google it). The compression socks are good if you have swelling but get your doc to prescribe the correct degree and go to sock speciality shop where they will fit you correctly with a paper funnel to make them easy to put on. Do not buy the drug store ones. It is entirely possible to get too much compression.

    I take a Valium just before to stay calm...not a good flier... but don't continue as it affects the movement center of the brain and causes falls like any benzodiazepines.

    Take some immune boosters to avoid the changes that affect PDers...lots of C, thymuplex by Purecaps (great), zinc. Start a week ahead and keep it up a week after. I take them all the time along with anti inflammatory stuff like omega3 fish oil, curcumin (ubiquitous at Costco is good). All good. Be sure to take a stool softener along just in case. Hit some great restaurants...have a blast!!!! Aren't you proud!!?!?

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